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Yeah i think the main reason people want acing especially the stores api is because some of the storage operation is super long for example onto attach a volume or detachable 'honey might take minutes on or like tens of tournaments i see i've seen cases where a detached take twenty minutes so since it's super long in operations long the natural on design crushing is whether this api should be a sink so that i have a callback in the meantime can start to process some operations but the of in a sink api is that it's it's significantly more complex than a synchronous api because dan you have to have some sort of ide foil operation in when you receive a callback you have to correlate that operations on cordite that response to previously penny operation so create a so much complexity into the seals coats and also i think the acs is cell the reason people want anything is because the thing that is solved the long running operation problem by the ac cornets operation but does it really doesn't because at the end of the day the seal has to timeout anyway because if the seal receive a response back after twenty minutes it has to has to time out just to be defensive what if the stores is completed down or under snow recovery there is no operator on coming to fix the problem so ceilings to defensive anyway cue to deal with those kinds of scenario so acing really doesn't help industry arial i think the key here is trying to make the call item potent with co can just safely retry with the same patient in expect the same result if they don't receive the response will retry again until the tunnel happens in the planning implementation can still be acing just the interface between steel in storage vendor has to be seen corners for the sake of simplicity plugging can choose their implementation it can be acing for sure in many people choose to be a sink fullon rainy operations that's totally fine let's give an example here i want to create a database on top of of volume.

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