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Stuff man zell derailed himself with his offthefield stuff on the field he looked okay pretty good at times but i see may feel easy he he's may feel we know they're all short said i think alloting may feel has dr drew had i mean there's we're talking with recently about druze arm strength is a design but it was strong earlier and i think i think may fields arm is accurate he can place the ball i don't think he's that strong armed though it then you look at russell wilson russell wilson one of his greatest attributes his maturity leadership idle may feel was a leader in oklahoma i guess but he doesn't have the maturity that a russell was that air russell wilson scrambles and can make place wasn't when a four five forty their estimating that baker may feel will run anywhere from four seven two four nine i don't know with that i'm gonna say you have to be a burner at the quarterback but is even gonna be able to scramble and make those plays in the nfl that he made in college and finally here's the thing you mentioned the defense's in college versa nfl how about the defense is let's take it a step further in the big twelve where they play no defence there have been wars the lasse really good quarterback to come out of the big 12 i mean the only tune in it may probe roles recently are vince young and rao rg three who were bust hear some of the other high draft picks who come out of the big 12 is quarterbacks brice petty gino smith landry jones ryan ten a hill brandon we them blame gabbard sam bradford cold mccoy josh freeman all very good college quarterbacks in the week defensive b twelve in the nfl couldn't do a thing and so i would bet against him beer release a highly successful in nfl yep i agree with both guys that it's so hard to project guys especially when they're not the prototypical quarterbacks that anafo gaza look for the gm's just look for a size and a high and.

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