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June twelve on die I'm your host Jane Perron Iran's with stallone fair share the please just take anything now they feel like being greedy because all of these punch come home to live with us say take where you live yeah nothing nothing gets thrown away life everything either gets given away brought back with us so we didn't have very calm people foster punts for yes we do have some of our friend Lisa she has an allotment she clearly and she will take stuff will survive nealon she will take up yeah because we have gone down has plants I mean we start off primarily as a house swap but then it seemed Jacobean say no you called the things that goes on so now let's say we have half and half and we have table central house plants in tables forgotten pumps unease is plant swapping and I hate to say the word Brexit but I'm GonNa say it easy I mean I'm just I've been thinking about this and the about about sort of people stockpiling things in about how it's going to affect the house point industry and I'm wondering whether you know it's actually quite subversive this whole plants up thing in the there is this hour career Arrow is going for hundreds of pounds and things this something all the noise about the fact that there's no financial transactions going on here but he's not matters to you the fact that it's just a totally different way of offering absolutely we started this because we want people to we won't plant plans to be accessible to everybody and we we have a mean we often have monster to the comes to swap and people will pay thirty forty pounds for one twenty-one standards breath kept on into swap means they can have the plant and they want is yeah it makes me different having said that all of us we all know that a lot of the people that comes don't swap also purchase plans true it's not an alternative to buying pants with the sense of encourages people around I think making successful and bringing new people who maybe haven't had plants before the levy things don't just get upon this actually a facebook group where people share information and certain this look cheesy what isn't easy quite often I will say your listeners can't see this how many house throw in this room yes we started this two years ago on the only house plans in my house was the peace lily okay so yes you've up your gain about this I could frequently be heard telling people that I had the black fingers of death when it came to plants so you can say conduct moved on a little yes but I guess that's the great thing about what is the you can you can get applaud which you're going to learn rebound through the course of the facebook group and you can look up advice in so many different ways books Internet and so on and you're GONNA learn as you go it may take a different direction in you possibly expected well the other thing that nice thing about plants swap is because we do them every two months if I have how to plant that doesn't like me Oh your house or my house which does happen I know that in a couple of weeks time can take it back to plants often somebody else will very willingly kit even if I have done my donors to kill it which is yeah sometimes I just dug out with with doesn't like the house so I can't find the right place in the house right and I know I can take answer and somebody else would love it I think that works for lot people really I did that sometimes things just don't work out that you've not got the right place for it you can take its get away with that and you don't have to be tied into this or do relationship with a finicky plan that's never going to be happy yes so I made my piece of Finns will never live in my own world you know I'm always I don't Hav I have had many many funds of the years and many have been given away many have been composted because likewise yeah then not my spirit palm the only place they would be back to my bathroom has no windows so it's sort of a functional there's just no way Tak- plumped affirmed.

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