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You really is there person under their you know that actually believes in something how can you in one you know one election cycle uh in to somebody who is like i said two hundred ninety degrees from the person that went in i i i just don't they just don't respect i i understand that i mean that's it that's an integrity issue um you know and i can see it you know definitely being part of that he is he is in a roth spot and you write about it taking a lot of work so so many put this out there and see what your thoughts are one of the one of the criticisms i've had of the republicans in congress and republicans in the state legislature as well although not as much it's more and more at the federal level is is a business mole failure to sell conservative solutions to unaffiliated and leftleaning voters as for the problems of we're all trying to solve this just an abysmal failure to assumption is starts everything seems to start with an assumption that if you're not a dark red you know gun toting biblethumping conservative that you're automatically going to be against whatever it is it comes on my mouth so i'm just gonna treat you that way rather than seeking understand and that's that's what a lot but it seems to be the starting place for a lot of communications from the right how how do we sell these ideas with more facility to unaffiliated and leftleaning voters and do you think well wake immigration reform if were it all your lebron i'm yourself right really have to have a commitment to them you have to have some passion surrounding them you know in order for tickin' anybody that you that you believe in them and that they should um you know i kind of funny because in a way you could look at colorado and what's happened to colorado in.

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