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Minus five total one fifty five sports x michelle bets like girl play of the week we know you have allegiance to villanova so i'll be surprised if you're not taking the wildcats as you're better the week actually picking kansas first half wow first half this bedside your girl thing is getting more and more in depth and complicated every weekend es go wow forty forty i think it's average villanova forty average i have forty point six kansas forty point three pretty sure it's i don't have them reverse but so that's what eighty point nine i'm doing all this mass can and don't don't do it with me in mind andy iskoe's mathematician over there no but the total for the first half is seventy two and a half so you do all you're doing total you're not even doing side you're going over the total over the total and i would actually yeah i would i think i would take villanova's favored by two and a half on the side in the first half which i think is i wouldn't go there but i think it will be close i just think it might be a little bit over then seventy two and a half okay so now do you understand that here's the thing you may do you have any clue why it is it is not using their averages as far as to have that total sitting at say seventy nine i i'm happy to have you explain it to me but i didn't think that they were using their average is just that that's something i looked at when i was doing it but tell me what how explained to me because when they play these final four games they are in a stadium instead of an arena so the depth perception is much tougher over the years now it is not always come into play and i was there at the final four last year which was at phoenix stadium in phoenix the cardinals home field so when the cord the basketball court is put in there in a football stadium it is much tougher depth perception for guys shooting from distance so therefore they take that into consideration andy iskoe weigh in on that because it looks like maybe four points on average per team in that first half maybe taking that into consideration you explain.

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