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Poor he said you're saying this because you are a thief we trusted you with our common purse and you have been helping yourself to the money the reason you want the perfume sold is so that you can get your hands on it it was an outrageous accusation and i knew he had no proof i'll admit from time to time i would borrow from the bag but always with the intent of returning what i had taken jesus came to mary's defense lever alone said she has done a beautiful thing to me then looking directly at me jesus said always have the poor with you but you will not always have me there is no doubting to rebuke jesus had been clear in his teaching about giving to the poor and he did not contradict what i had said about its importance his point was that i had failed to discern the unique significance of the moment in which we all found ourselves she has anointed my body beforehand from mary he said when jesus spoke about his burial the mood among the disciples changed at first they agreed with me and my outrage at the waist but now they re positioned themselves in the light of jesus is words the moment of tension past and the celebration resumed but not for me i looked on at the joy of the others as if i were watching through a window from the outside there had been a profound change since the sunny days when the twelve of us committed ourselves to jesus thank you for joining us on this special episode of the eric metaxas show on this good friday we've been listening to heaven so near so far the story of judas iscariot hi i'm victoria hurst my family's company hearst corporation publishes a magazine aimed at young women.

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