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Radio six ten here in town. Really enjoyed getting to talk to all of you around the country around the world the internet's a beautiful thing. Satellite radio is a great thing. Sirius XM two oh, six shutouts. Everybody listening there in nice to be with you on a a divisional round weekend of NFL playoff football. That's winding down right now. They are now in the fourth quarter in New Orleans and the saints are leading the eagles seventeen fourteen eagles have the ball to shy midfield. So we'll keep an eye on things going on in New Orleans and keep you updated on that eight five five two one two four CBS is the number. If you want to get in I want to just reiterate, a quick correction on something on a point. I was making earlier in the show about building through the defense being maybe not the greatest strategy anymore. When offense clearly is what wins in the NFL nowadays. Top five offenses in terms of efficiency in the NFL all were still playing as of today. Once you three four and five all we're still playing as of today. Number one, Kansas City number two the Rams they both one yesterday. And then the chargers saints and patriots in order to start the day today. We know the chargers have lost in the patriots. I said earlier that the top seven teams and defensive efficiency didn't make the postseason. That was incorrect. The top seven teams in defensive efficiency. We're not playing this weekend. So three of them. Lost the bears number one. The ravens number three and the Texans number seven. All lost at home last weekend. So not a great weekend. I think it's still backs up. What I'm saying? Which is you can be average on defense, but you need to be elite on offense in order to compete by and large in today's NFL. We're gonna wind up. We're gonna wind up with some good stories regardless of who wins this saints eagles game because you've already got Mahomes and Brady on one side. Andy Reid and Bill Belichick. Patrick mahomes. Tom Brady on the NFC side of things you got the Rams and Sean McVeigh Jared Goff Todd Gurley. That defense. It has a ton of names. But it hasn't been great all year, really. And then you're either gonna have the saints hosting them. Sean Payton and drew Brees trying to get back to a Super Bowl. It's crazy to think that they've only been to one Super Bowl in the thirteen seasons. Now thirteen seasons twelve previous seasons. If those two have been together they've only been to one Super Bowl. So this'll be the second one if they're able to win today and then win next week. And obviously if the eagles win today that continues this saga of Nick foles, I got to imagine every team that has their eyes on Nick foles being their starting quarterback next year. Would probably rather. He get knocked out this week. So that the cost of Nick foles doesn't continue to skyrocket. And my my my my biggest question that I'm wondering and eagles fans if you're listening. I if you're listening I'd be very shocked because your team is playing right now. Maybe I'll bring this up later in the show, especially the eagles win. But is there a crossing point in terms of how far the eagles go this postseason to where the script flips and its folds that the eagles wanna keep and Wentz that they wanna put up on the block. And if so what would the Carson Wentz market look like for the eagles. He's a more readily tradable player for them just contractually in so much as well. I guess either way if they're gonna if the eagles are gonna trade foles, they need to exercise at twenty million dollar option or franchise him either way they've got to find a way to get falls under the cap for those who don't know the eagles are in a nightmare salary cap situation headed into next year. Guessing they don't care about that right now they got the saints to deal with in the Superdome in the fourth quarter. But there are some dark clouds on the horizon for the eagles when it comes to managing their salary cap. They're like ten or twelve million over right now. Before they do anything, you know as opposed to some of these teams like oh, say the colts were one hundred twenty million under the cap. That's a scary thought that is the colts looked yesterday. That's a scary thought for the rest of the NFL is they've got extra draft picks and one hundred and twenty million in cap space. And Andrew luck reportedly healthy again, although I'll say this about Andrew luck. He did not throw the ball like a healthy quarterback yesterday. He looked like he was aiming at a lot of times you put in a lot of air under the ball. He looks a lot more like the Andrew luck from weeks two and three and he did the one that tore up the league with three touchdown passes in eighth straight games during the course of that winning streak that the colts put together really good streak that the colts put together. I don't know. How the I forget how many games in a row that they won. They won nine out of ten to close out the season. All right, Steve fezzet, handicapping expert time winner, the super contests in Vegas is gonna join us a little later on this hour by then we expect to know who the teams are going to be in the AFC NFC title gets. I was just thinking it was a year ago today, not exactly your today. But he was this Sunday a year ago when sanctuary playing at this exact time the late window. They were on the road in Minnesota playing the Vikings in the Minneapolis miracle came down case keenum to Stefan digs. And that happened while we were on the air last year. I wonder if there's any magic that's going to happen. This year the games close enough to where could come down to a play here a play there. But we'll keep an eye on at seventeen fourteen saints with the ball early in the fourth quarter, seventy fourteen saints in case, you're wondering are let's go back to the phones. Eight five five two one two four CBS lips. Let's go to Lynn in Texas. Lynn, welcome. CBS sports radio. Can you hear me? I can hear you. You sound good. Go ahead. I'm on the road brownwood Texas driving back to central time show. Oh. Avid avid longtime eagles. Okay. We'll keep you updated. I appreciate that. What I wanted to discuss. You will quick. I'm listening to you. Ears. You know, offense out tickets. Whatever it is. For real people here on the ground watching these games. Following these coaches calls driving me crazy. I don't know what's going on. They take that. We're so you know, we or getting this parrot from different places. The coaches are. I mean, what's going on back from the dick for meal days where coach yesterday responsibility for all in the place guys to use their talents to win the game threat. Yeah, I think coaches are getting credit who are you? Are you a native Philadelphian Lynn? Absolutely. Okay. So you go back soon. So you go back to the Wilbur Montgomery and Harold Carmichael days. So we'll. Railroad, you know, this guy. Sure. Sure love it love it. Okay. I'll give you sit tight you keep driving. I'll give you my thoughts on that. Thanks for the call Lynn drive safely. Yeah. I don't want to minimize coaching in this whole thing coaching, obviously important, although we've seen average coaches go on to win Super Bowls because they have great quarterbacks. I don't know that Mike McCarthy was a great coach in Green Bay. But he had Aaron Rodgers. And you could argue they probably underachieved with Aaron Rodgers their quarterback. And there is an interesting tipping points ego to where you go. Okay. Is it the quarterbacks fall? Or is it the head? Coach's fault. We know Green Bay feels because we know who they chose in that kind of power struggle between those two guys. I do think the one thing that we've seen. We see this postseason is that we're gonna wind up with four really good coaches still remaining in this postseason. Andy Reid for all of his postseason. Faults is a really good football coach consistently coaches winning teams. Yeah. They've failed in the postseason. But he seems to have a quarterback now who's going to. Who I think is going to elevate Andy Reid, and I think Andy Reid is elevating Patrick Mahomes. Dill bell checks greatest coach. We don't need to explain bell, Jack. He's the greatest coach maybe in the history of the game. Certainly the greatest of this recent era of say the last couple of decades, Sean McVay as the coach had everybody wants to emulate man with Sean McVeigh to the Cowboys yesterday. Turning things over to his running game. That was a team that was winning with explosive passing stats through the first half of the season or so and obviously a big dosage of Todd Gurley. I mean, let's face it. They were doing it on the ground and through the air for most of the year. And then they had to adapt a little bit. They lose Cooper Cup. They lost girly down the stretch. They pull C J Anderson out of an in-n-out burger somewhere. C J Anderson. Looks like he's been spending more time at a barbecue. Then he hasn't a weight room. And that guy runs for a buck twenty three last night. He looks spry. So Sean McVeigh we sit here and talk about read in Belgium, kind of the G coaches, Sean McVay is the coach that everybody's trying to pull guys off of their tree. Even if they're just a quarterbacks coach sack Taylor's been his quarterbacks coach for one year quarterbacks. Coach not an OC not a guy who's been coaching with the guy for years and years. He's been as quarterbacks coach for one year. I believe if I'm not mistaken he's gonna be the head coach of the Bengals next year. Granted it's the Bengals. But still there's thirty five years old. He's never been a coordinator. He's gonna head coach of an NFL team next year. So and then the winner this game, look, Sean Payton, I think one of the really good coaches of the last ten years or so Doug Peterson again guy who I think a lot of folks are trying to emulate some of the things he's doing some of the risk taking risk-taking. I guess some of the realization that percentage is that it's okay to go for it on fourth down stuff like that. Running a trick play here. And there is not desperation. Sometimes it's things that you see or it's timing. Peterson road that all the way to a Super Bowl last year with his backup quarterback. He's trailing seventeen fourteen right now in the saints appear to be on the move again. Eight five five two one two four CBS, Greg. Roger chris. I don't want to shortchange any of you. So lets you guys stick right there. If you want to grab a line eight five five two one two four CBS eight five five two one two four two two seven. If you wanna get in, Greg. You'll be I got a good question on a topic that I've been wanting to get through. So I'm looking forward to hitting the phones in the next segment. Steve fezzet gonna join us a little later on this hour after the update at the bottom of the hour. He's from pregamEcom great handicapper by then we should know who the participants in both title games next week. You're going to be spreads already out on the patriots. And the cheese. We'll tell you what that is coming up next as well..

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