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R. Kelly, Palm Springs California, Culver discussed on Dr. Drew Midday Live with Lauren Sivan


Palm springs California were the rain has stopped the sun is out and I can't go outside my house really where is hold down the fort in the Culver city at the sports desk despite being so afraid that he was gonna get corona virus he asked to be let out of jail they're not gonna do it for R. Kelly all right he will not be believing he can fly out of prison well didn't Harvey Weinstein get it in prison yeah gosh he's worried to we should just put all of them in the same cell but that would be a good cage death match with those three going at it from the very beginning and then there is there and watch J. videos on Twitter while he's out golfing eight hundred two two two K. A. B. C. is the number one eight hundred two two two five two two two joining us to talk about all the politics surrounding the corona virus political science professor at cal state Fullerton Dr Barbara stone Dr stone thanks so much for joining us hi John nice to be with you so it's very early in the process and it's hard to tell how this thing is going to play out politically bot here's my knee jerk reaction so far you tell me if you think I'm right or wrong this is good for people in executive offices it's good for governors it's good for mayors it's good for cabinet secretaries it's good for the president because they are in charge of things they can tell Iraq received to do certain things they look like they are they're competent they look like they are taking action they look like they're fighting for you sell Andrew Cuomo is going to see sky high approval ratings Gavin Newsom is going to be C. sky high approval ratings and Donald Trump is going to do okay himself that being said I don't know where it'll end up because of people determined they did a bad job after sitting around in their house for a couple of months then maybe they'll turn on them but as of now it looks good for executives your thoughts good analysis what I would add is that the potential is there for those in executive positions if they understand it and governors Newsome and calm all have done what they needed to do but if in fact the executives are how I can put this perceived as playing politics they could come out of this not looking any good at all I'm going to refer to the governor of Michigan who is clearly running to be the vice presidential nominee so okay she complained formal complaint quartz complaints but she went on and did really intelligent things like no you can't have whatever that malarial drug is in my state because Donald Trump pushed at them two days later she's asking for it because I did go over well I gathered the major newspaper a major newspaper in Detroit around and editorial against her about how she needs to start thinking about Michigan's stopper stupid fight with Donald Trump sold their high profile and they can come out of this smelling like roses but because they're high profile they can destroy themselves Congress looks bad throughout this whole process when they had the stimulus bill that was being put together instead of making sure that money was going to go to small businesses and making sure it would go immediately to these businesses they fooled around with the Kennedy center they wanted to make sure they got their cut Nancy Pelosi wanted to make sure that all the democratic interest got there got in it was just gross if I had a certain level that kind of insider politics that mostly people don't notice they they there was a lag but you forget things in a week it's a matter of whether or not people remind people and of course the Kennedy center then turned around and furloughed most of its workers rights no no you should really should have found a way not to do that until these individual cases as they come up because it there's going to be quite a bit of time lag before the money gets out just because of the way bureaucracies operate when you have this many people I'd say Congress look bad but you know what John I honestly think Congress is virtually irrelevant which is what of course driving Nancy crazy what about the bailout money and I say that because let's take one industry for example let's take the cruise ship industry because the cruise ship industry is an industry that means something real to the state of Florida they have those ships leaving out of Tampa leaving out Orlando fort Lauderdale Miami you name it and those ships even though they fly a foreign flag they result in jobs in Florida they result in people flying to Florida staying in Florida hotels eating at Florida restaurants and if these cruise ship companies go out of business which could happen that is going to disproportionately impact Florida more than any other state which is of course the swinging us to swing states however people in Washington thought it was bad politics to give them the bail out because they avoided paying U. S. taxes for so many years because they wanted to save a Buck well their desire to save a Buck made it politically untenable for people in Washington to give them any bailout money they didn't want to reward that was that a winner or is that going to come back and haunt them in Florida when they say Hey what happened all these jobs well and it gets a little more complicated than that because yes the cruise companies avoided paying taxes and they meant it and they have no intention of changing that but they also just as much we're avoiding U. S. labor laws all right because I actually have to pay US wages on those ships that go out of business from laughter sold they avoided all of that and you can't just give companies like that a direct bailout you just really can't now can they find creative ways to get money to them in ways that matter but your money and I think I've told you I bet only on horses and sure things that I'm good minds are scurrying around like a little I don't know what trying to find a way to get some money to something that will help them but given the way they're set up you can't do that and by the way the labor unions would go absolutely bonkers if they have any brains on them Joe Biden has come out of this looking horrible every interview that he died I say to myself he's gonna be in a home before the November election there's no way this man is going to be out without a nurse what you think and what actually you know John interesting things are going on with that part of the politics because if you notice the almost hysteria coming in from every Democrat consultant you can find all kinds of Democrat leaders willing to stay at that Bernie has to get out I'm fairly convinced that's because they can see it looks to them like Joe has dementia and give Joel implodes and Bernie doesn't get out who has the next biggest number of delegates Bernie Sanders and they don't want to run with Bernie so I think they're desperately trying to force him out at I'd give them credit for being able to look at those things that did all my god those interviews of Biden he can't finish a sentence I'm quite yet about except for the ones he never stops that is true yeah and you know part of it now gate come on I know psychotic colleges and I also don't think you should go trying to evaluate people too much from a distance but two things about him you could infer that he absolutely without somebody there to bounce off of just can't perform and I can tell you well I don't know this is a good story but it's also true years ago when Ronald Reagan was president and we found out later if you hadn't deed band diagnosed in the early stages of Alzheimer's when it came to your school and mine cal state Fullerton we were told to let protesters in the gym when he was there because he had to feed off them and the problem for Joe Biden is there's nobody to feed off and I I just my goodness John they should they should be scared somebody should be scared to death that man could end up person to not start I'll tell you what this reminds me of when Frank Sinatra was in the last couple years of his life he should not have been out on the road performing yes but there were so many people that made so much money based on Frank Sinatra filling up arenas that they kept putting him out there and they kept having him travel the world and he was falling down on stage and passing out on stage and they would just bring them to the next city and problem up there and have him sing my way again because there was just so many people that were making so much money off of him the Democrats are stuck with Joe Biden Joe Biden is going to be the democratic nominee they view president trump is being vulnerable they know he's not up for the job but they have so much invested in everything around him they have to continue to push him I'm not going to argue with you at the end they all somewhere in the back of some of their minds probably is something like if we just get rid of burning okay I noticed Joe is going ahead with the committee or somebody to lead helping find a VP that when gel caps of the P. then if we can find a way to dump showing take that woman because that's what's going to be then that would certainly be burned better than Bernie somewhere that's in their calculus but I can't figure out if do you think there's and I've seen this on social media so there's no validity behind any of it in terms of you know this is what the parties doing or this is what party leaders are doing but I just see rain does out there saying we should dump Joe Biden and replace him with Gavin Newsom or governor Cuomo from New York and just put one of them on the ticket is there any chance at all knowing the process of how the party operates did something like that could happen or is this just internet conspiracy usually if we were anywhere up to nineteen sixty eight which by the way was a long time ago I'd have said yes there's a chance because the way both parties were run you had your party leaders there may have been committed delegates but you add favorite sons you had people who at we're in a position to wheel and deal and could possibly have done that we democratized all of this all those people who ran who put themselves out who spent money who spent time have delegates it's extraordinarily difficult for me to find anybody in that party of Republicans would have the same problem anyone in that party who could go out and go all of you step back I have chosen and I started to say Mario Cuomo but Andrew Palmer and I just don't see where anybody does that it's going to have to be somebody who ran and of course everyone who ran got stomped others burning right well I'm trying to think about different points in history were candidates have just had such obvious problems with the party has stepped in and said all right we need to replace them in New Jersey that happened with Bob Torricelli when it was clear that Bob Torricelli was a crock and that he was going to lose the election to Republican the Democrat stepped in and found a way to just take him off the ballot at the eleventh hour I think it was as late as like September because they knew that it was just untenable to have him be the nominee that even in a deep blue state they would lose the election if we get to.

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R. Kelly, Palm Springs California, Culver discussed on Dr. Drew Midday Live with Lauren Sivan

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