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Larry Sharoni KCBS KCBS news time now at nine twenty two Samuel update v importance of vaccines that is today's topic on animal with Dr Jennifer scarlet president of the San Francisco SPCA on Jeff bell. So Dr scarlet a lot of focus these days, I'll be anti vaccine movement. I want to ask you how that's impacting pets. So Jeff we're starting to see anti vaccine for propaganda seep into the veterinary movement with claims that back scenes caused dog autism, which does not exist and unfounded claims of danger. So we don't have the strong data that the human side does. But antidote only as an airings. We're seeing more and more garden. Cnn's request their animal's not vaccinated or vaccines for pets. And what are the consequences of not vaccinating that things are incredibly safe now with everything there? There's always going to be a side effect here and there, but you know, when you look at the upside of axons it far far far outweighs the downsides. And this is a little bit of like the tragedy of comments the reasons why we have such great health in our populations is in big part. Duda vaccines, but if we start to see cracks in that vaccine shield, then we'll start to see outbreaks emerge. How big of a problem is this. Well, we have information from the UK that about twenty five percent of dog owners. There are not getting their dogs vaccinated. So the thing about vaccines and preventive medicine is boring. When nothing happens that's success. So what we are on the lookout for our increases and outbreaks of parvo distemper, and even rabies hopefully that won't happen. Go get your dogs and cats vaccinated museum. Dr Jennifer scarlet of the San Francisco SPCA. Jeff Bill KCBS.

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