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Tom Brady. Us Marine Corps. Call sign sage so sage. What if you could talk to us a little bit about taking care of your own and in the context of when you first learned as a when you're to Kademi and early is a young officer in the Marine Corps. What was your experience with taking care of your own. Yeah thanks Joe and down. I think this is a critical part of leadership. Never leadership talk that. I've given boil it down to two things -CCOMPLISH submission and take care of your troops. And sometimes they can be in conflict the other day in class this game up and all of that Maybe shortly but at the Academy of when I was there as a midshipman and then later as a company officer the disadvantage we had was We did not have enlisted senior enlisted integrated into the brigade that is assist the officers so a lot of that relationship officer to enlisted. We just had to kind of pick up on her own and then later at basic school as reinforced. But I guess at boil down to one of the things that I I learned some when a first sergeant said To me AH I. I don't care what you know as long as I know that you care and that may seem kind of a clever plan words but it's it's really the essence He knew that coming out. Basically School I knew a lot about the tactics instructor and so forth of the Marine Corps. That's the beauty of the basic school for. But that other part I guess has to either be inherent or it's learned and it's it's it's best. I guess if it's inherent but it can certainly be learned in that is to give a damn about your people and it's a kind of a balance because you're talking about people that has combat leader your schoon ascend into harm's way and those that Sun Tzu talked about the EU treaties zone beloved sons. You're putting them at risk. So how can you care about them if you're exposing them to death? But that's a set the challenge of of leadership of a combat leader of again getting the job done but taking care of the troops. I the first Part of it is simple. And that is Know who they are. I mean it's easy for them. They've only got one to ten or one. Captain is a case may be but it's important that that you know who they are and that maybe takes a little bit of work in some are better at that than others but I can no straight at best buy story of when we had a reunion on my rifle company This is years after he'd been Vietnam and ice showed up as an active duty colonel at the time. But to the minds of my troops I was still the captain still skipper. And of course. In my mind's eye they're still PFC's lance corporal although they're Kinda Gray and perhaps if editor coupons but you know we just went back in time together and anyway George Martin walked up and said Sir you know I. It's great to see against Jim. Remember when when when I showed up reported my company is not know Georgia really. Don't he said no? No don't you remember you're standing there talking. And then all of a sudden there's all kinds of noise and explosions and screaming and hollering and so forth in New Tournament. Said Martin. I'M GONNA be Kinda busy here. Good jumping that whole and when all of this is over we'll talk some more. I said. No Georgia I don't remember we. Why do remember what's the big deal? George now is really hurt. He said Sir the big deal a big deal was you knew my name. You knew my name. You're telling me that George Martin got blown away that day. Somebody would know that. He went out as a fighting marine. You knew my name I just. I've always lashanda that that. That's a critical point of knowing the name of of your troops. It's a great beginning but sometimes We overlooked at but so that's the first next year their welfare And you can't make it easy for them conditions but you can make them as good as you can and try to set the example of of being willing to share the hardships of your troops. You know as a leader in combat. You don't have a more refined fighting whole a in a with a with wallpaper enough fours and so forth but you gotta be there And again it's it's the business of of showing up. You know ninety percents of success. What he ellen said is showing up and that's That's what it's gotta be You can pretend to care but you can't pretend to be there and that's I think in another necessary aspect of demonstrating that you care about the troops. You can't from a distance say Jay. This is going on or that's going on You gotta be there where you can sit and do something about it. And every officer has the opportunity to use his authority in may be limited secular tenant. But he's still the officer and still he can get things done that can benefit our make life better for the troops as they prepare for for their mission so those would be just a first initial thoughts of knowing who your troops are and then showing up being there at the time in a when when they're digging fighting holes and the officer shows up suddenly that becomes important My dearest friend General Krulak he had Second Force Service Support Group Would show up in his coveralls. When troops are changing oil on the vehicles think how important changing oil became when the commanding general's showed up and was wanting to get down there and dirty with them as well Some people say well this kind of Hokey thing I can tell you. It just speaks volumes about caring enough to to show up and and to to see what would your troops are doing and to as best you can make What they're doing a bit easier or more productive and so I think those are the aspects of carrying the other. Things are getting fed getting promoted. I mean all those things are part of the officers responsibility into that can't be shirked and that can't be passed off to the edge and under arts of the personnel officer or somebody else is the leader who's got a care about as people demonstrate has carrying by What what he does or what he feels to do. Well a phenomenal eloquent way of explaining taking care unit for firsthand experience. So we're gonNA take a quick break and We come back. We're GONNA talk a little bit about how you've taken taking care of your own out of the Marine Corps in an it's incident sector as a college professor will be right back if business travel coming up vacation time or you're going on leave. Now's the time to make your reservations for spring summer. Travel with American forces. Travel serving you in helping your military family. 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You've actually had some experience taking that concept out of the military and into the savane sector and a number of different ways and what you're doing currently is as a college professor. Can you talk a little bit about what you've done or how you've taken this concept taking care of your own into the into the world of? Teaching College Kids Shirley Joe Yeah it's a amazing. When I got out of the Marine Corps I was really concerned of what was I going to do as an infantry officer I knew how to use things and people and so but in think there's much need for the billion but as fortunate enough to To land a job with USAA which focuses on the military families and so forth so it does seem to be a good fit. But the other is that I was the first Corinne retired general officer to come to. Usaa Verma Konare Force Organization there in San Antonio and a great outfit My days with UCA. I absolutely loved the Great Leader's not great people But primarily air forsell bit army navy and now comes this marine. So what is this? GonNa be off so I guess the first thing I realized is that The things that I had learned As about leadership are translatable into the civilian world now obviously a different mission That goes without saying but but they're still listen mission. Our mission was to provide the best products and services we could to to our numbers not customers but members because they are member members of your organization of UCI and their families and to be there when they're having difficult time so you know A loss of some kind or pcs move which can be really. You're shattering are rubery stressful to families. But these things that that I had experienced and I thought gee this an opportunity to To translate this so I think long I had was As charges support services and one things told me after I had gone there. It was You're going to be in charge. The Fiesta and I said Gee that's that sounds was a fiesta. By well we bring in a bunch of people and is yesterday for percent tournus agree how many people you expect Run five thousand or so. Okay all right. Thanks so To prepare for this Various folks building your little stance and so forth again. You can pretend to care but you can't pretend to be there so I go on Saturday and I'm wandering around and talking to people and find out what's going on and one guy is looking at me really. Kinda strange and I. I walked over to him. And I said you're a marine right. And he popped to attention. Here's heels click and so yes sir. How do you know that Sir as well I kind of guessed it but You know how you doing. I said Listen I've got a bunch of stuff. That friend of mine recruiter sent me. Oh why don't you come by my office Monday and And will confess. Oh yes there will be some rules on. There's no sign of an so. I paged him. Which really they've used in trouble. Sushi shows up. You know kind of peak around the corner when enjoys come on man and so I passed on some of the stuff term it. And he's he's looking at all of this and with tears in his eyes he said. Sir Are we gonNA have a Marine Corps birthday here and I said of course. You'RE GONNA have Marine Corps birthday him. Who got some rains it? We got two marines. That's all we need for Burton. Of course I didn't clear that with anybody but but as one of those things Joe that when you have instincts that say this.

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