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Example, Joe. That's right. Excellent. Good job, Joe. Thanks a lot. I turned turned to you for support here, and you just undermine the entire argument, All right, And also in the Big Three. We say farewell to a television legend. Cloris Leachman. She was Phyllis on the Mary Tyler Moore show and she played memorably in Young Frankenstein, Frau Blucher. Cloris Leachman has left us at 94 years old. All right, let's check in with our buddy Laura Curren. She's the Nassau County executive doing a great job out there through all these various challenges that air heading her way, Laura, how you doing this morning? Doing great. I'm sad about Cloris Leachman, though I know Come on well or, you know I roughly the same age and you remember her is Phyllis. But also remember a young Frankenstein. How often he was my boyfriend. Yes, I forgot that. That was her until you just said that. Yeah. Terrific. Sup? All right, So let me know we talked Tonto, a colleague of yours George Latimer, Westchester County executive yesterday and because the governor is now allowing contact sports in high schools, George is trying to figure out a way to make that safe for everybody. What do you guys doing in Nassau County? If you're gonna allow basketball and football and wrestling Well, I was actually very happy about the news. Banana eating for the resumption of sports high school high school sports. Amendment, but the school district's make the decision if they want to do it and let the parents make the decision if they want to do I think we can trust we can trust people to make these kinds of decisions for themselves s O. I found that state guidance is very thorough. And we are requiring all school district to abide by that state guidance. And then, of course, we'll do our spot checks, but we're not gonna overly complicate the state guidance. We're just going to say go with the state guidance will answer questions, of course, will do come and do spot checks to make sure everybody's doing it. But my point is school right now. Inside the school building is a very safe place for kids. Because school district have Re calibrated. They've changed the schedules. Everyone's in the map. Ask there's partition. They're doing it well. I think they can take those same kinds of practices and do it out in the field in the courts and the rings, so sports under supervision following the guidelines, I believe is very safe for kids. Right now. And kids need it. I mean, we're talking. I was talking to a shrink yesterday. He was telling me she and her colleagues are seeing. Yes, she and her colleagues were Are seeing more suicides, kids under 15 kids being isolated. They're not built to that. They need to be out in structured, supervised play where guidelines are being followed. I feel very passionately about this. Hi, Laura. So you're starting up? What? The first right February, 1st. Correct. Okay, So here's the thing Nicest. Didn't know shrink was an official governmental term. I just met. That's anyway, I just e want to ask you about, you know, you talked about You talked about guidance and then government kinds, But I saw where and this surprised me. I saw where Suffolk County is gonna be a lot more strict. When it comes to covert testing for school sports, You seemed a little bit more. Relax. What's the reason for that? Well, if a district is a district decide that they want to test absolutely if they want to add more guidelines and more procedures. Absolutely. I would 100% support them in that, But I think the state guidance is thorough. It's 16 pages of small prints. I'm not going to add on to that. Okay, Laura. In addition to sports, though, I mean, there are a lot of kids like me, sort of the artsy fartsy types who, you know they love the orchestra. The choir the You know the theater that we used to do as a kid. Are you going to find a way to bring that back as well? The high school's Oh, I love Yes, I'm by the way I was a theater. Nerd for lack of a better word in high schools. Well, I loved it. Yes. And in fact, you know, my daughter plays the clarinet. So she know they're doing it. They're doing it very face faced out. Um, those those sorts of things are happening. I would encourage bringing back as much as possible as safely as possible as soon as possible. I'll join your club. I was in the old city chorus, you know, in high school, so we gotta push it. We got a bunch of what? Not athletes going on here? Hey, what, uh, for lack of a better term? What's that? What's the big picture? Laura? How are the vaccines in our county was doing restaurants? How's everything going as the infection rate? What's the big picture this this morning? Big picture is generally good. We need more vaccine demand still continues to far outpace supply. We're dependent on the federal government down to the state down to us. But we're ready to scale up on that are infection rate is in a good place. Our seven day average has been 6.5%. So that's going well. And you had another question. Another question that I want to buy restaurants. Yeah, so our restaurants were still It's 50% capacity. We invite anyone who had lived in a place where there is no indoor dining. Please come. Enjoy our restaurants. Remember, we will be strict with our 50% capacity, but you can eat inside. We're actually giving out grants to restaurants to help them make it to the other side of this pandemic because they really been struggling. But we're business friendly. We trust restaurants and businesses to do it right and they have been again. We're not being spread within within restaurants. Well, this is true, Laura. I mean, you know, the thing is the governor now says he will allow some indoor dining here in New York City, but they've clamped down on those of us who live in the city. But, you know, if you live in Queens, and you can just jump go across the street to Nassau County, you can eat inside. And as you know, the way the restaurant people are trying to handle this thing they've They've done remarkable things to make you feel safe and comfortable. With a little limited capacity indoor dining. We should have it here in New York City. That's right. Because if you're a restaurant, you do not want to be the place where there's an outbreak. So you're going to do everything you can to protect your workers and to protect your customers. You don't want that on you, but you're gonna do it right? And guess what they have been because they're smart. They know what they're doing. Yep. All right, Laura. Current hate by the way, I know you're a theater person. Do you know what opened this week? 25 years ago off Broadway. Mm. I'll give you a hint. I'll give you a heads up 5600 minutes 525,000 moments So alright. Headed theater owner. Go ahead. E just got goose bumps..

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