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Shohei Ohtani has to get Tommy John surgery. That is semi breaking news that news has done been broke. But not too terribly long ago. And of course, that means he will miss the entire season. I would guess that. They're not gonna have him swing a bat. So the for those of you thinking, well, can you swing the bat after you've had Tommy John? I know he will be by all accounts, he will be shelved for the entire season next year, which is obviously disappointing. Whenever a pitcher goes down to Tommy John surgery. It's not good news because you feel like a chunk of their career is going missing. And. A got me thinking, I know that guys come back better than ever after Tommy John surgery. But this is to me, this is another indication that Shohei Otani. Will not end up doing both forever pitching and hitting. Eventually he will have to choose and the reason behind that is the angels can kind of look at this situation and say, you know, what if we wouldn't have thrown him back out there. And maybe this is true. Maybe this isn't. But there's gotta be prevailing thought with the angels. That if they wouldn't have tried to get him back on the mound that maybe he could've finished out the season. And then not needed. Tommy, john. Maybe maybe not. But it's such a tricky situation. Because if you're the angels, you're looking at like this dude paired with Mike trout in the lineup can be pretty epic. But you can never have enough starting pitching. So to me, not only are the angels losing a pitcher. They're losing one of their best hitters as well. And I feel like they'll come back next year. Maybe it's not even next year. Maybe it's, you know, maybe it's not the year that Otani will come back. Maybe it's a year after that. But at some point they're going to have to decide because this injury hurts them doubly. Because it's taking a bat other lineup in a pitcher out of the rotation. Obviously being the modern day. Babe Ruth, did not I don't think necessarily contributed to him having Tommy John. But I don't know that for a fact I think if you're the angels, you're in a really difficult position. And you're looking at like. Yes. There are injuries that he could sustain as a hitter that will cause him to miss a significant amount of time. But how many hitters need Tommy, John? How many hitters sustain an injury that keeps them out for an entire season. And you paid this guy to hit as well as pitch. I would imagine. My prediction is that Shohei Ohtani comes back in two years. And he becomes a scantly used pitcher. You know, like they need a late. They need a bullpen arm. Long relief something like that. I think they go Tani. But I think I really think Otani future is a hitter. I really do. I think that's the choice. The angels will make because Otani as a hitter has the chance to be more special than as a pitcher. As a pitcher. He could be solid. But as a hitter he could be one of the best. So disappointing that they're going to lose him for an entire year. Yeah. We'll just hope dangerous. Don't treat him like the national treated, Stephen Strasburg. Yeah. The house that worked out like Stephen Strasburg. Pretty good pitcher. But the nationals. Just didn't like. Just so fresh had been so frustrating as nationals fan, and I don't know how many of those exist in the world. But if you are one the way that the nationals did it with Stephen Strasburg was ridiculous. Some of you couple of your other texts here before we take a break. The raiders should have signed MAC five minutes after the regular season. I think Khalil Mack was going to sit out. Let we get news today that levian bell will not be available for the Browns game. I think that's who they played the Browns. This won't be available for the season opener because he didn't report today by I think it was two o'clock our time or sometime this afternoon. Bottom line is he didn't report Levy on bell fantasy alert fantasy alert will not be eligible to play on Sunday. I think Khalil Mack. Does the same thing. I think Khalil Mack holds out. Any holds out. I made a prediction on the show a week or so ago that I thought Khalil Mack would not appear in any football game until week five. I thought he would hold out. But to the textures point how long is the guy willing to hold out and lose out on game checks and everything like that. Maybe Jon Gruden got a little bit too impatient. And if he would have just held out a little longer Khalil Mack might a cave. But I don't think Khalil Mack agrees to join the raiders when he loses his first game. Check. I think he was willing to sit out for multiple weeks. Answer to the crunch time question. We posed earlier about cheese pizza today is cheese pizza day, by the way, our friends here at the purple toad are offering buy one get one half off. If you get a pizza, which may or may not be related to cheese pizza day. But it is quite the Winky. Dink cheese is never a Goto. But if it is there, I will happily eat it. And that's my point don't only order cheese pizzas because that is insulting as a guest at your home. But if you give me cheese or pepperoni. I may go with cheese. I just don't want it as my only option. I don't think there's a price.

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