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And I think that once you sort of released those people from, you know the the infrastructure that they were kinda strapped to, they start to be a little more honest and they go like, hey, by the way, like that sucked. Like we love, we're proud of our work and we love the games, but people tell tale where like this was unreasonable. And so I find the follow up quote, interesting because it's affectively saying, look, we, we didn't mandate this only a few of us did this, but it's hard to clock that in company culture because you don't know exactly if a couple of people at the top, whether or not they're saying into other. People are sort of quietly dictating to everyone else just by their own actions. Like if all five of us are four of us all walk to a restaurant at the same time, and I started going really fast. Some of you might pick up your pace to keep up with me, right, and others might drag behind, but I think most of you would be like, oh, Brian walk fast. I guess we should kind of walk a little fast. Maybe he thinks we need to get to the restaurant early. That's not a great metaphor, but what's. Is it depends on what restaurant weren't exactly in and out and what what it says is in some scenarios without actually dictating this is what everyone in this company needs to do company culture, sort of exudes this, this, this thing were you find this weird line between work and and passion. This shared goal where you're all working together on one similar project. And then when you come for air, you go, I've only showered once in three days and I haven't seen my kids and you know, one hundred hour week that if you, you know, subtract the amount of time sleeping and eating everything. That means I have about an hour to myself day maybe and I'm spending that brushing my teeth. Yeah, you know. So there's a lot going on with with this topic is like managerial perception. What kind of cultural company culture tones, you're setting the other is crunch overall. You know it as an industry kind of problem. That's that's coming more into the conversation. And that's the third part. The third part being that in general, the way that we talk about Crohn's, we've kind of accepted an internalized. This is a problem because it used to be a badge of honor. People used to say, like I worked this many hours, you know, last for rise yet. Glenn rise launch and Xbox One, I believe it was the studio head tweeted out like, oh, we've ordered thousands of pizzas for late night dinners and people were like, that's not something to brag about. Yeah, that was one of the first sentences that we've seen it on a public basis to that extreme degree where people said, we'll actually maybe that's not a great thing. It's great that people were fed, but it's not a great thing that you like the process by which games are made, sort of necessitates that kind of structure. And so it's it's an interesting cultural shift that we're experiencing in that community that industry where people are rejecting that finally, and I think this quote on its own, and I think it's interesting that like Dan Houser and the team at rockstar felt that it needed clarifying is an indicator of that..

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