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Yeah, Yes, light dried this the beginning of the end, but actually neither that we all a consumers and are just on the industry. Understand more, AB- ice, the limitations of the of the technology, the capabilities of the technology. What's really lovely to see is that. I am composition is night very much seen as almost a human at accelerator of human creativity to give you. An example is kind of more specifics. We have worked with a business school vocal which I'm. Trying to it uses your voices and instruments, so if you make a trumpet signs into this microphone, it will put a trumpet mid-east Signal Signs in theory you. Can you know build your whole song by just going Dong Dong Dong because that's the guitar noise on it. Rates the guitar of the very good making guitar noises. Was Eric Clapton. Well See. Waking in his boots. But you know it, can it can I put a host? That's kind of. That's a real example of just a practical in-studio crisis accelerator. We also worked with a business cold top, which was going for the more fun game, if occasion ends of music generation where you literally. Download the APP and you common tap into it on. You can create your own song, so it kind of takes away that requirement. Ab Music trained or to be able to play instruments openly. Kind of everyone can produce uncreative on its signs. It's really professional. Let's let's not you know a race to the Boston per se. And then right the way through to the latest business are they graduated quite recently for monitoring business, cold live score, the finders, actually composer this lovely blend of human composition that the. Than, almost put into Lego blocks so that the system can create generous. So you can put any kind of Q. on top of it like think of your electric cars, an example like you're. If you're going really fast, the music can go faster. If you turn a coroner, the music can turn with. You can put any kind of pivot on the music, but it just generates itself, and that's just you know just really interesting on brands or quite excited about what that could do for them, you know. Will we listen to it? Instead of the topics on spotify I don't know, but you know it's is a time and a place for that type of music as well definitely. Yeah, they're interesting businesses. To your point. You're not just thinking next five years next ten years like so many companies are thinking of when you first started talking about the image and reputation of the brand. You said well. What's the next ninety years going to look like? So who knows what kind of technology is going to be involved by then I'd love to be a fly on the wall in year, brainstorming or creative space wherever you guys think of these ideas, and what companies to embrace in support I'm sure it's just mind blowing. What comes out of there and so you do so many different things and you had such a giant and really inspiring effort to modernize Abbey. Road Wall so celebrating the history. What is the biggest challenge that you've come across in your role as MD there? I think that the biggest challenge initially was you know I. This is possibly to honest, but I arrived with out of ideas. You know in my felder. We've more or less executed. Most of the context, the expansion strategy and the kind of the repositioning piece and I think in the first year. That was my hardest year because this is a business that hadn't changed in AC six years. Old It was when I arrived. So you know here's this crazy. Irish growl arriving with the powerpoint under arm with all these grand plans. What the Hell is she up to so I think it took me? The biggest challenge was gaining people's trust that this was all a advice expanding and showcasing the brand as authentically as possible. This wasn't. By just. Building an Abbey Road Hotel in Las Vegas. Wasn't that kind of fun. It was actually high, do we? Really credible authentic passionate. Craig's of way do something interesting with this bronze. That took me a long time to get people to what to trust me unto buy into where we were going. Actually you know as I'm sure a lot of people you've had on your podcast of said seeing is believing so the first couple of. Steps like even the retail store that we got going on and show that the product in there was you know beautifully associated with the bronze, and not just a taxi souvenir store young. People people kind of. Realize actually. This is going to be done in a really really tasteful way. That is celebrating the browns. So anyway. I think probably, too, but it was it was. That was a tough first. You're trying to get people to buy into the vision, but then they have all come on the journey was we have absolute key amazing, so we've. We've come good at the at the size. there's no such thing as too honest and think about I mean it. Doesn't that just gives you chills when you think about what you're experiencing that first year? Or early days there and then to to turn around and see already in. A matter of years what you and the team have accomplished A. it's really it's. It's amazing what you've done I'm I'm so proud of the team I mean it is. It like I. Say brand that hasn't changed have implemented that much change on so well. Executions in such a short space of time I think we can all be immensely ride. Hey Max here. Another thing that you may be mentally proud about is your podcast and you might have a podcast. You might have one fear brand, or you might not have one yet, but you might be thinking about having one in the future, and there's so many positives about having a podcast. It opened so many doors, but the flip side of it is, it takes hours and hours and hours and hours today say hours hours to put together every single day every single week, so there's so much. Much work that needs to go on behind the scenes, an order for you to have a successful podcast. If you would like some help with that I, am here for you. Email me at Max. At would direct dot Com and I will take care of the behind the scenes in help you with the planning and strategy of your podcast,.

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