South Carolina, Castro, Biden discussed on Dave Ramsey


Is still being searched again yesterday is a perfect example of where there was no politics there was no reason to paid the kind of attention you would get in another situation where you can make it a political situation and that's a lot of times what happened as the anatomy of the story right something that can you can shape into a motion and politics you can make it you and there wasn't really that and polls also trending today right now head to South Carolina to bite is widening his lead he now holds a twenty joint lead over his closest rivals calling to a new Monmouth university poll and as of Monday several polls had almost a dead heat with burning in him but the I think the burning effect is starting to see is what especially in the south talk of capitalism is evil socialism is great Castro taught people to read Noriega Soviet Union things of that nature starting to scare and make people nervous and it went from looking like a dead heat in several polls now to this is the second pole it is many days that has Biden not only pulling away but Bernie falling behind so yeah it'll be interesting super Tuesday's gonna be big for a lot of reasons California taxes we'll see how that plays itself out he'll win California Texas that'll be interesting how does that go how does that break down across to thirteen hundred fifty seven delegates up for grabs we can have more of a mass on Wednesday or is this starting to look like it's going to be a burning train that can't be stopped.

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