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I actually did have one can too when it came to these sports trivia because we do of course land in liverpool and the doctor does mention the road which of course is home to the liverpool football club the medium. Yeah yeah also yeah. They didn't change your same used to being fueled road at the time but it wasn't tenth and but the story that she mentions is that she watched the barcelona game multiple times. And that's that's match has become ethic for liverpool fans because back in twenty nine seen when liverpool won the champions league which is a crowns. Basie the best team in europe okay. They actually actually faced off against barcelona in the semi finals. They lost to barcelona in spain three. Nothing search seemed like they were going to be out because they'd have to score three goals or more to stay in in the champions league. Okay beats bacelona for nothing which was epic and rents then made it to the finals. The champions league and end up winning the champions league back in twenty nine thousand nine. So that's why i share the reason. Why the doctor was so pumped about in mentioned that she watches that game over and over in because it is a very epic game now for liverpool now. So you think that was the tenth incarnation rooting for barcelona. Seems so though. I wouldn't be surprised. I probably see the ten being either a chelsea fan or probably being a support of the london club's side. I have a feeling that the tenth doctor probably supports that supports the chelsea. Maybe david ten sports the glasgow rangers. I don't know but there's story in there to have doctors. different doctors. Various doctors rooting for different football clubs. Of course if because of course football is is you know. It's like american football in the in the states because every every most british folks with assault support one football club in one way or another so yeah so was nick and was that the first off i. I'm saying the doctors. Afc richmond fan The eat thank you Was that the. Was that a little bit of football banter back and forth when he says sheffield and he talks about your to close to leeds. Right right yes because liverpool and leeds have a big rivalry. When comes to what it was. Yeah that's the vibe. I got to because that it was the kind of you know that local rivalry between leeds. United's they can't stand each because it wasn't wasn't Liverpool part of like part of lancashire. If i'm not making yeah because the other ones yorkshire yeah that's right so it's kind of rival between counties right correct. Yes okay so what make sure i understood that so good very nice american so when you're in when you're in europe you can't help hearing about football because it's basically all they talk about comes to sports but yeah the same is true for american football here in the state so yeah in college football When i moved to dallas. I was amazed at how much the dallas cowboys seal the atmosphere. You mondays..

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