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To unlearn without coming to terms with how you learned member more Intel leave our anti Semites they also happen to be Muslim I want to open the speech by confessing to a crowd of Jews that I used to hate them it was twenty oh six and I was a young native of Somalia who been elected to the Dutch parliament the American Jewish committee was giving me its moral courage award I felt honored and humbled but a little dishonest if I didn't own up to my anti semitic past so I told them how I've learned to blame the Jews for everything fast forward to twenty nineteen a freshman congressman from Minnesota if you're eating the Jewish community and discomfiting the democratic leadership with their expressions of anti semitism like me Kelly on Omar was born in Somalian exposed at an early age to Muslim anti semitism and by the way so was totally these the fax some of the members of my twenty oh six Eiji C. audience have asked me to explain and respond to ms Omar's comments including her unequivocal apologies the main question is whether it's possible for ms Omaar to unlearn her evident hatred of Jews and if so how to help in my experience it's difficult perhaps impossible to unlearn hate without coming to terms with how you learned to hate and this by the way is what the media will never expose most Americans are familiar with the classic western flavors of anti semitism the Christian European white supremacist in communist types the little attention has been paid to the special case of Muslim anti semitism that is a pity because today it is anti semitism so most zealous most potent and most under estimated form I never heard the term anti semitism until I moved to the Netherlands in my twenties but at first ten familiarity with its Muslim variety as a child in Somalia I was a passive consumer of anti semitism things would break conflicts with a wry shortages would occur and adults with blame it on the Jews when I was a little girl my mom often lost her temper with my brother with the grocer with a neighbor she would scream or curse under her breath yeah who'd followed by description of the hostility what despicable behavior of the subject of her wrath wasn't just my mother grown ups around makes claim Yahoo the way Americans use the F. word I was made to understand that Jews your who were all bad no one took any trouble to build a rational framework around the idea hardly necessary since there were no Jews around but it set the necessary foundation for the next phase of my development at fifteen I became in a slum missed by joining the Muslim Brotherhood I began attending religious and civil society events where I received an education in the depth and breadth of Jewish filling the Laney villainy this was done in two ways the first was the logical we were taught that the Jews betrayed our prophet Muhammad throughout Quranic verses we learned that all I had eternally condemned them that they were not human but descendants of pigs and monkeys that we should aspire to kill them wherever we found them we were taught to pray dear god please destroy the Jews design is the state of Israel a man we were taught the Jews occupied the holy land of Palestine we were shown pictures of mutilated bodies dead children Welling windows and weeping orphans standing over them in military uniform were Israeli soldiers with large guns we were told the killing of Palestinians was wanton unprovoked in an expression of their hatred of Muslims the theological and political stories were woven together as in the Hamas character quote the profit a lot bless seven grand himself they should he said the day judge what will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews killing the Jews when the Jews will hide behind stones and trees the stones and trees will say Muslims up Dolan there is a Jew behind me come and kill me there's no solution for the Palestinian question except through G. hot now that combination narratives is the essence of Muslim anti semitism Mohammed Morsi the long time Muslim Brotherhood leader who died June seventeen but was president of Egypt for year beginning in twenty twelve urged in twenty ten quote we must never forget brothers to nurse our children and our grandchildren on hatred for them resign S. for Jews that is two categories that ten emerge along with allegations of world domination European anti semitism she writes is also a mixture medieval Christian antipathy toward Christ killers blended with radical critiques of capitalism in the nineteenth and racial as pseudo science in the twentieth but before the depression anti semitic parties were not mass parties nor they've been since World War two Muslim anti semitism has a broader base and it's propagators had had the time and resources to spread it widely just see how begin at the top most men and the odd women in power in Muslim majority countries are autocrats even where there are elections corrupt rulers plane intricate game to stay in power their signature move is the promise to free the holy land that is to eliminate the Jewish state sound familiar to leap sound familiar Omar sound familiar AOC in fact I would argue now ladies and gentleman virtually every Democrat running for the presidential nomination has this mindset they won't admit it the rulers of Iran are explicit about this go other Muslim leaders may pay lip service to the peace process and the two state solution my government anti semitism is frequently on display at the United Nations where is rose repeatedly compared to apartheid South Africa accused of genocide and demonized as racist the media also play their part there's very little freedom of expression a Muslim majority countries and stayed on media turn up anti semitic and anti Israel propaganda daily as to even media groups that style themselves as critical of Muslim autocracy such as al Jizerou and al Manar then there are the masks the madrassas another religious institutions schools in general especially college campuses have been in a slump a stronghold for generations of Muslim majority countries that matters because graduates going to leadership positions of the professions media government and other institutions refugee camps another zone of indoctrination they're full of honorable people in this llamas prey on them they come offering food tents and first aid followed by education they established madrasas in the camps and indoctrinate the kids with the message that consists of a large part of hatred for Jews a rejection of Israel perhaps she writes I don't know this is what happened to ms Omaar in the four years she spent a refugee camp in Kenya as a child or perhaps she became acquainted with the slimmest anti semitism in Minnesota where her family settled when she was twelve years old in any case her preoccupation with the Jews in Israel what otherwise be hard to explain spreading anti semitism throw these channels is no trivial matter and this brings us to the question of resources it's all about the Benjamins baby ms Omaar tweeted in February implying that American politician support Israel only because of Jewish financial contributions the irony is that the resources available to propagate Islam missed ideologies whether tended anti semitism vastly exceed what pro Israel groups spend in the U. S. since the early seventies the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has spent vast sums the spread Wahabi Islam abroad much of this finding is opaque but estimates of the Cuban of some run as high as one hundred billion dollars thousands of schools in Pakistan funded with Saudi money teach a version of Islam that leads to anti western militants Lee according to Connecticut senator Chris Murphy recent years the Saudi leadership is try to turn away from supporting this type of religious radicalism but increasingly cut tari seems to be taking over the Saudi role in the US alone the Qatar foundation is given thirty point six million dollars over the past eight years the public schools I stand simply for teaching Arabic and promoting cultural exchange for years cut ties hosted influence a radical clerics such as you see if all our family and provided them with a global microphone to the country school textbooks have been criticized for anti semitism they present Jews is treacherous and crafty but also weak ratcheting cowardly Islam is described as inherently superior the allegation a Jewish or a sinus money controls Congress is nonsensical the center for responsive politics estimates the Israeli government spends thirty four million dollars on lobbying in Washington since twenty seventeen the Saudis Incan Tory spend a combined fifty one million during the same period if we include foreign non governmental organizations the pro Israel lobbying figure rises to sixty three million less than the sixty eight billion spent lobbying for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates sixty eight billion in twenty eighteen domestic American pro Israel lobbying including about lip not limited to the American Israel.

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