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Drop from Henry and on that note just the tears you need to do so much through the sports leader it's a baseball Friday Mercer match start now good morning and welcome to the M. B. R. morning show with Brian Murphy and all the six a celebrities get things going on everybody's got things going on finding jobs straggled in heaven was the giants we walked in didn't expect to see a stuffed animal in his chair and then we got Bumgarner get innovations everywhere we got this is now like the giants I mean I don't know guys should get to five hundred there will be one game under but it's how we come in on Monday they might be two games over five hundred way this is going to have four for tonight for for today do you think the greatest night of all time to get out there I got to say that was a good crowd in the our last night were very time they did the aerial shots on TV I was like you know what respect for Thursday night at work a great road trip like this is starting to feel like.

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