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The beautiful elizabeth the reason the nice way to be introduced on a monday boy speaking of beautiful let's talk about that little eighty bidi tidbits named princess charlotte's officers so as you travel ban in you stand it had her first day of preschool today she's too she is wearing the cutest little tights a red jacket a pink little cable knit scarf a red bowen her hair and darling pink printed backpack and i could just cry it is so cute so she officially started at wilcox nursery school lindsey graham and prince william in cape middleton released two photos that were taken by kate to mark the special occasion and it's is so cute it's says the images were taken by the dutta shortly before princess charlotte left for her first day of nursery at the wilcox nurseryschool and she just looks exactly like my little button who i have a little girl that same age which is just so proud to be experiencing some independence with soap lewis and that little adorable nugget wearing her butterfly out foot the other day on my little bernadette us all she on her third birthday shaw asked her what she would like to wear to school and she said a caas mca and so she put on her butterfly wings and a twotwo heart and wore it to preschool and it was pretty much the cutest that's what i wanted to do on my birthday as well doesn't look as guy well i would think the applauded around here i could all be three again i know i'll do whatever i was just really cute so anyway i brings you darling that little darling news and it is just funny if you have been obsessing over the crown like so many of us have i finished the second season in a couple of weeks ago where you just see you can just towel from the show and from understanding about history how much of those moments queen elizabeth miss and i mean they just were never they were out running around mean and you think how present william and kate are how different uh you know charles and the late diana raised their kids in kind of the involvement level in yang's have really shifted in the rail found her graham a good so a lot more time no with the kids them shiver you know ever have so.

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