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Polk County, Clinton, The House discussed on Charlotte's Saturday Morning News with Don Russell


I 26 in polk county chest around ten thirty last night officials with polk county nine one one said to take her trucks collided in there had been some sort of explosion that happened near not mile marker 61 westbound not i twenty six the incident close the interstate in both directions there's no word on injuries or what may have caused that accident yet one person was pronounced dead after a fatal threecar crash near south charlotte the wreck happened at the intersection of clinton wrote in south boulevard just before midnight both roads were shut down in that accident as well as workers tried to clear the scene the name the victim has not been released in no further details on what happened and anxious time for americans trying to figure out if they will benefit from the gop tax plan republicans friday agreed to the file tax bill that the house and senate are expected to vote on next week the white house says president trump looks forward to fulfilling the promise that he made to the american people to give them a tax cut by the end of the year connecticut senator richard blumenthal is among democrats weighing in it well from low quite family to it richard american the it will strengthen state and local budgets and other sexual misconduct scandal on capitol hill a former individual with the congressional black caucus says congressman bobby scott touched her body without permission in two thousand and thirteen ever and also said friday that the virginia democrat proposition turned to have a sexual relationship one of the huge anyone beating i just wanted to get out of there and say the career but i have worked very hard he countless.

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