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The Nick foles, I don't think that was the case in the twenty seventeen season and the twenty eight team season two to my is the offense did seem to open up greatly in the final month of the season wants Nick foles went in there. Now, we can talk about the other things that weren't as one to one as far as quarterback change offense of lying better. Guys, got healthier. What more desperation they really could wear the underdog roles, whatever it is. But I understand why guys think that what change was the quarterback. Now, I'm getting my numbers. Now, I'm getting my targets the other part of this that I thought was interesting was that you had deeply believe you had the offense coordinator leave and Frank Reich leave and all of a sudden they said now Carson Winston run over the room that that he was he had the ability according to this report to with their new offense coordinator, grow to kind of impose his will more. So than he ad last year. And that could be a problem for any young quarterback for anyone that hasn't seen as much football as Frank Reich in his thirty plus years, John de Filippo in his twenty plus years, and whether or not that that hurt they're often somewhat the silver lining for the eagles is see they've been looking for with wins reason to say man, people are doubting us. And now all of a sudden if they wanna be able to rally on main guys think you're a bad guy guys think that we're better with Nick foles who's going to be on a different team next year. Maybe that can be the rallying point for next season. I just believe in in Carson wins. I believe he is the answer. I know each quarterback has their personality. But from everything that I have felt coming out of Philadelphia to players I talked to that. They would really really there's no way that they believe this story, and I can understand people thinking old Nick foles old Nick foles a better quarterback. But there's no way that I'm going forward. Nick foles is my quarterback. I'm putting cars. Wins in their regardless of any rumors of those other receivers, and what they're saying because you can believe there's a disgruntled wide receiver on every team if you put a microphone in every receivers around the NFL to backups they would be telling you, and we'd be getting stories a lot like this. All right. Thank break. Coming up is the NFL about to make major changes foaming the no column. New Orleans C says. That is next person. I three times.

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