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This is money top the news well the beaches of waikiki that the shores of block island sound it's america's monte program money talk bob rinker loan with you and we thank you for joining us it is great to have you with us let's get you on the line listening to kogo radio san francisco hello dirty thank you for taking my carling so i just wanna ask now uh so far i've been invested the tell him um in this out there and into the mutual fraud that i'm thinking now maybe to put the longterm um getting into my daily expenses one that you said you know full having a pay for daily use in oval for the eu well i think liquidity certainly judy and i thank you for calling i think liquidity is valuable and when i say liquidity i mean you certainly want to how if you possibly can to it and if that's the way to help do it that's fine it certainly wanna have money available for example you want to have your required minimum distribution money if you have any of those types of accounts that have the are indeed you want to have that money available money market funds are fine for that purpose as a holding point for example until you take it out at the end of the year uh certainly i like the idea of having a years living expenses in advance so you're not at the mercy of the market in terms of generating that kind of thing and i think that it makes sense especially in retirement uh it makes sense to have your income your dividends your interest or capital gains coming in in such a way that it provides liquidity for you because it can provide for withdrawal at a given rate such as the four percent that we suggested be considered and it can also require our acquire additional liquidity for the portfolio so that you have that year ahead in living expenses so for those reasons i do like that idea and i think it makes good sense money talk comes your way each and every weekend talking about subjects financial and uh of course you can stream our broadcast on your computer and download to your smartphone that's money talk on demand best takayuki around listen wherever you.

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