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Know the the last goldrush charleston organizers who's helping us get live and let live moving but then you're going to see an eight minute video or can we can play the one minute or when we come back we should play all three of them going into the record man. While we're out right here right now and i were on a voronova rhonda j picker attorneys for freedom dot com live in wetland dot. Org now this is. I i. I wanna i wanna make sure that you guys understand. There is an answer. There's always an ambulance. You know may not be the only answer but there are ways advocating for freedom. And what way is best for you or someone you know. I don't know here's another big giant arrow in your quiver. And he's developing it. We're going to help. maybe you will. We'll be right back. Mark gave baker thirty for freedom dot com and live and let live dot org saying that he has no idea what to make of the mixed signals area. Man pete summers told reporters today. He keeps getting ambiguous text messages from local woman. Haley mueller claiming that she's not at all interested in him she's like I don't want to go out with you. And then she'll mention how she has to go out with her boyfriend summers. Who i met mueller. At a friend's party last month informed reporters that the twenty seven year olds increasingly perplexing text messages have left him unable to ascertain whether or not she would want to date him. He also noted that mueller's behavior social gatherings was equally vague last weekend. We were at a party. And every time i go up to her she said leave me alone then. I texted in the next day and she totally doesn't even respond. I mean she just needs to make up her mind and tell me what she wants. She hasn't answered my last three phone calls. So the issued. Go over there make sure. Everything's okay the onion news network. There are lots of ways to listen to free. Talk live or podcast has been around since it began. 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You're listening to the heartland news radio network broadcasting live twenty four seven news. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's the new service during newscasts cavalry eyeteeth. Twenty twenty one liver as joe biden assumes office. This week he'll appeal to a nation facing multiple crises. Might mohan talk where they wisconsin. Professor who studies presidential speeches. And who says wednesday's inauguration could be a launching point for promoting a resilient democracy biden has tried to focus on unity in light of a contentious election in which president donald trump issued discredited claims about voter fraud that led to his supporters storming the capital along with polls indicating many republicans still not acknowledging. Biden's win the university of wisconsin alison press says biden could establish them healing by sticking with unity and restoring faith in democracy and not putting attention on himself. Folks person for democracy. She is not redefinition of what our democracy is. She says that compares with trump's rhetoric one person being the focal point of government beyond the inauguration says biden's actions in this area could help cement some healing. She adds that he could also win over support by staying honest about the state of the pandemic the economic struggles facing many americans and the need for accountability related to the riots. Meantime cnn reports the dissolving of one of america's most enduring transfer of power rituals the outgoing president welcoming an incoming president on the steps of the north portico. And then righty with them to the us capitol cnn notes. That it is just one of these snubs. Trump's are perpetrating as leave washington instead of a president first lady. the biden's will be greeted. By the white house chief usher timothy harlow harlow turns out to be a twenty seventeen trump higher from the trump international hotel washington and will likely not stay on the biden administration. The source said noting that a role of chief usher in all probability will be filled by someone more familiar with the incoming president and first lady annual report examining social economic and environmental impacts on the nation's health shows that have river jinyan suffering from mental distress increased dramatically between the years two thousand fourteen and twenty nineteen. And that's even before the pandemic the states. Twenty seven percent rise compares with just eleven percent nationally according to rondo randall with united healthcare which put out america's health rankings. She says that number measures people who said they felt down or depressed. Fourteen or more days edita. Less thirty she points out that folks likely have become even more troubled since covid nineteen hit last spring. We do know from other reports that race of suicide and race of death. Overdoses in twenty twenty. Were up so that is concerning. I expect to see that many measures in this report will be affected by the pandemic particularly these socioeconomic major. I'm diane bernard this is pianist. Legislators advocates and experts gallery today virtually to brainstorm solutions for the myriad threats facing connecticut's environment the twenty first annual environmental summit which coincides with the start of the new legislative session lori brown with the event sponsor the connecticut league of conservation voters says. Revamping the state's recycling program is a high priority now garnered for that started the bottle. Bill a landmark law curious state. Who's recycling rate is under fifty percent. I'm suzanne potter and kentucky's felony theft threshold has remained unchanged for more than a decade critics. Say it is contributing to a rise in incarceration the dollar amount of property damage or theft often determines whether or not a person is charged with a felony for decades kentucky's felony theft threshold was three hundred dollars in two thousand nine. Lawmakers bumped it up to five hundred criminal. Justice reform advocates. Such as amanda hall with the aclu of kentucky says the state's felony theft laws haven't kept pace with inflation if you receive a that's charge and the merchandise is five hundred dollars or over. You are charged with a felony conviction in today's.

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