Perez, Bill Paul Minn, Edwards discussed on We Hate Movies - Episode 286 - Independence Day: Resurgence


To be here now on the program i can to give no better way to debut on had come than talking about independence day resurgence first of all because what on earth are we've fuck we're wow this movie exist and look i'll be honest with the if we were on the show i would never talk about the movie to and it is in perez saying i don't i watch this movie i want i will you know i watch a lot of movies i couldn't make a details limit oh that we got while wise any of this happening who are all these white people but that's the script you're talking about that first of four and one of the worst cream plays unbelievable it's so bad play view did a ben diagram and it was independence day in ninety six and independence they colin resurgence twenty sixteen it's almost just up her paul circle with the with the red an blue circle going over each other in rates almost purple it's the same movie but inside that resurgence blue sliver yeah it looks like the chalk boards in a beautiful mocked that's just slaughtered to ship with all this stuff that nobody wanted like no right one by her office it would be great of a lot of shit mr not be imaginary later is bill paul minn haven't it's crazy dream the movie so but just for me now that's a good in its twist ending right he just wakes up and like his daughter is just sitting there like you alright he's like that's fine i i just thought they came back and she's like now it's cool the worry about it well where is where's doctor oh could well he still in that como of course and he's dead yeah that would be better yeah he's walking along with edwards he's definitely dead weight where where are the it is and there is no talks where fuck in todd commit all over the is going to be headed you you weren't me wittman that you are my come on role and that's really weird that will be awesome actually vincent to miss spending and you wake up and may wittman is just sitting there they went into older something to be in this movie i'll.

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