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Six eighty wcbm baltimore and wcbmcom it's one of the biggest evacuations in us history i'm tom graham fox news this storm is so big florida preparing for a monster red mccranie of sarasota county emergency management says the expected a onetwo punch from hurricane armagh on the front end of it we're going to see some search and as it passes by we're going to see that reverse action florida's west coast including tampa naples and fort myers expected to be hardest hit but erbas effects will be widespread boxes have been brown is live in orlando atzabn even here in orlando will get the wind of the rain from early us central florida is under a hurricane warning all the theme park zero closed or will be closing soon evacuations are key today these are the final hours in which evacuation as possible for those who live on beaches and barrier islands and even lowlying parts of the mainland south florida is already feeling tropicalstorm force winds and that usually is when highways get shut down first responders stop responding to this us calls along the keys in the southwest coast as much as fifteen feet of storm surges expected tom urban there is a little bit of good news latest erma updated showing wins have dropped to one hundred twenty five miles per hour but fox meteorologist yet stena explains the storm is expected to again strengthened before the eyes slams into florida pressure has drops of an approach should drops you know that this storm is strengthening and we expect to category four upon landfall tomorrow morning on the tees and perhaps the second landfall around the naples area tomorrow round dinnertime and naples is preparing as many planned to hunker down and ride out the storm failure interior room r and weird and.

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