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And she says it's a smallpox vaccination and the child ask. Why don't have one. And she says. I have one so you don't have to have one okay. So the whole thing here is your ears. Your they're comparing this virtue signal. And that's what this is. It's a propaganda that is virtue signaling it saying that the mother is good because she sacrificed getting the vaccine so the child would have to the mothers sacrificed for the child. The subtext to this and our current state of affairs is that. If you don't get the cororavirus vaccine you don't love your child right. That's the subtext here and west. What people don't understand now that's propaganda one. trust me. i know. I was in the military for twenty years. We went to classes on propaganda. How it's developed how it's applied and how it's mind control and this is a mind control device because most people when they look at that that pitcher are mean they don't understand that they are trying to influence you influence people to take the corona virus. But it's guilt or shame you into do it. Which is not a reason to do anything. it's not it's not a reason. Shaming people are guilty people into things. There's not a reason and this is where it comes in facts matter statistics matter. Okay so when. I share statistics that are contrary to that person's narrative that they believe in man. Let me tell you people get upset. That's true they do do that. And a lot of you probably experienced this too because we know this is a. This is just a high stress time. We're coming up on the holidays being telling a lot of places that you shouldn't spend time with your family. You should stay away from people who don't live in your household so stress is high loneliness. I imagined is extremely high for some people in that so so awful to think about it is and then you have this come along where people are already emotional and kind of beat down and then you give them propaganda like that that plays on the emotion and that's the whole point they try it tries to paint a world where we're very susceptible to being emotionally turned in different ways. You're being emotionally manipulated and i called insensitive. I have been told. I don't care about other people that i'm just a just an a hole that doesn't care that's not true. I do care about the people. And that's why try to share. This information is because people don't understand they're being manipulated and that's why that's an intent behind behind commenting on post like that however it never turns out good so i should know better but you anyway. I'm a glutton for punishment. What am i going to do well. We went way off the rails from sweet potatoes into corona virus. But it's important. This is important stuff that we're all facing and we know we're all we're a lot of people are afraid that when they go back to where they're going to be forced to do this rowen are when you have to fly or travel you know because some people are going to have to eventually travel within without the united states for their jobs win by travel multiple times on airplanes pan-demic right and it did not did not bother me. I was forced to wear a mask for the majority of the time. But trust me you can. You can eat or drink a lot when you're doing that. Well the what. I was referring to is that prospect of having forced vaccinations for travel right. So there's a lot of stress for people as they go like during the holidays. I know that. I don't think that anybody's force it now. It's too new..

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