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So this guy, this was reported by Jason offered, I believe, in darkness walks. And in fact, I think it was reported on his blog from the shadows many years ago as well. But he describes his experience of this 17 year old 17 year old man who was living in north York in Toronto. When he was sleeping fine, like he was just sleeping as you would normally, when he awoke, to being kicked in the guts, like something kicked him in the guts, right? And he wakes up and at first there's nothing there. And he's gasping, like he's winded by this thing. He's gasping and unable to call for help. And he's thinking at first that perhaps there was an intruder, he had some sporting equipment in the room. So I think he thought that maybe someone had grabbed his sporting equipment and it hit him. And he says, as he turns to look at the door, this heavy black smoke just seems to come through the door and start congealing into this human shape. And as it congeals, it takes on the form of this hooded monk like form. Now he can't see any legs on this thing, but he's watching as this thing keeps on saying questions. Questions. Questions, questions? It's like, what? What are you saying? He's paralyzed. He's got this dark form in the room that's perking him and just keeps on saying this over and over and over again. He doesn't know how to respond and it's questions. Yeah. To keep on saying questions, questions, questions? Isn't I had a response? He's like, this is absolutely ridiculous. Maybe ask a question. Maybe. But you're waking up in the middle of the night, though, to being winded and having a cricket bat. Pushed into your guns. And you don't know what's going on. He's absolutely terrified. Now apparently this thing tires of this weird game. And it extends this finger, right? It comes out with its finger, ET style, and sticks its finger into his mind. What sticks it into his hair? Through his head. Through his head and starts probing his mind and feeding off negative emotions. It's rummaging. It's rummaging through his memories, looking for lost and hatred and anger and all the negative emotions you can find. And it's just like pulling it out of his head, right? And as soon as it feels like it's like a mosquito, like this, I'll just start thinking.

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