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Okay. Radio news time. 5 18. Get a cheque on sports. Yeah, we've got gym Colony golfer extraordinaire to give us all the sports of the week and there was a big win. I Jim. Thanks, guys. And good morning, everyone. It's up. They brought to you by the park's casino sports book APP Signed up down, Get a risk free bet of up to $500. Steelers overcame penalties and other self inflicted wounds still beat the Broncos 26 2 21. Thanks to win today, you got to give a lot of credit to the Denver Broncos. They were resilient Bunch. They force us the whole way. We helped him some We have a lot of growth ahead of us but is going to grow while you win my Tomlin to know for the first time in a few years, Ben Roethlisberger through for 311 yards and two touchdowns 28 yards to Deante Johnson 84 yards to chase Claypool but was critical of his own performance. James Connor ran for 106 yards on 16. Kerry's, including a 59 yard run that finally clinched the win. That came after trail. Edmunds is sack on fourth down at the Steelers 26 with just under two minutes. Left s so great. I knew I could do it. I'm just still out here every day of practice when it presents itself. God, they make a plate teammates. They know how to make the place. So we just went out there playing football and anyone on the defense may play it. But that was me some days before. T. J. What had 2.5 of the Steelers seven sacks, but Deep Reef forced to fumble that Mike Hilton recovered. Joe Haden had an interception steals their home against Houston Sunday. At one Yesterday, the Texans lost to the Ravensthirty 3 to 16. Last night, Seattle beat New England 35 to 30 Tonight. New Orleans is a Vegas Westwood one coverage on NewsRadio, 10 20 Katy K pitches right. 21st in the AP College poll after Saturday Sloppy went over Syracuse. The Panthers are home against Louisville Saturday at noon. Joe Musgrove struck out 11/6 scoreless innings, but Derek Holland gave up a two run homer. The yard here. Molina in the seventh, The Pirates lost to the Cardinals to tow one home against the Cubs tonight. 705 on the fan. Bryce into Shambo when the U. S open six under par. He was the only one under par for the tournament and the only one under par in the final round with a 367 3rd round leader, Matthew Wolf was second at even par. From the Pittsburgh Senior benefits Advisor Sports Desk. I'm Jim Colony. NewsRadio, 10 20, Katy K. Sports Online on video and on your radio. It's the Katy K Radio Morning show Larry Richard and Kevin Battle. You know our country needs prayer..

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