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I know, but he has I know it's only I say only the League Cup out with the League Cup of the euro league with somebody degrade but Jesse nine that's not enough. Yeah. I think there's just such high expectations Manchester United if you're not either in the champion's league semifinal or winning the league every other year, then your job, you see just been a revolving door managers because there there's like when you had the Manchester United job. Almost compared it to another American comparison. Lebron James if you're not at a final or like competing or not excelling then you're out of the job. I mean, so I really think Marino has elevated them a little higher than Louis van Gaal and definitely higher than even. But it just I might end he spent so much money as well. You've said he said after you Ventas match like, hey, like we need to sign a world class town. Well, what have you spent this almost full? We'll coconut. Yeah. I mean, are you playing on a high enough physician or you know, using him correctly? You know, it does seem like the game has passed by a little bit. And it's kind of like, you know, the guy's been also like Diego Kosta a menace to arsenal. So it's kind of nice seeing this. As an arsenal fan because he just do nothing like Arsene Wenger's are the league. He lot of his soundbites were him shitting over and winger. Yeah. I mean like after the league he could finally make statement like I've one more Pamir leagues than all of them combined in this league. It's like cool, man. I know you've been waiting for Arsene Wenger to leave the league to say that. But. And okay. So yeah, I also can I get your comments on this? Is this tweet today? Danielle BAC is pretty much Lukaku without a gym membership tend to comment. See Donnie spot for Danielle back 'cause he eased the facade Lynn. So I got to defend defend him on that one. Yeah. I thought it was hilarious. I think Lukaku actually his stock is kind of gone down this season. What are your thoughts? Yeah. Definitely ease. Copies. Like a very intelligent player. It doesn't get credit. He is very intelligent rages seems to miss citiz- all of the time. Yeah. Eating. This is MRs terrible terrible. But Younis for strike, but then he skulls loads, but then he gets reputation for not scoring and big games. So he needs to kind of any salt out Disney. Very very with injuries over us as just the arsenal curse. Really? But I have a big question for you is Alexi Sanchez a bust signing for Manchester United. No, definitely not so so recruited same compared to the debt. L? Phenomenal Torres signed Alexa Sanchez like I think Sanchez is already Skuld goals toys for Chelsea of like close to or something. If she come olds like Gibbs again, I don't think such as not just think Marino needs to learn how the plan probably Marino needs to utilize rougher always being games. Respite is like a potentially plus. Can get a chew out as rush. But then I think Monday night could be dangerous. Yeah. I think he definitely have the talent. I just don't know if they're being used properly, if I'm going to be honest. So all right. I have a couple more questions will wrap this up. First question. How crazy was England during the World Cup. I mean, it was coming home. Right. It was coming out. Well, this this is the as support Wales although live in England now, so I don't really like I take an interest in the English national team, but I don't really support them. But I can tell you that the fear was up -solutely ridiculous. I won't do. Well, because you had Joel Pickford who graduates in this economy? John Henderson who graduates from the southern academy. Donny rose Doc plants. plays for some Blin. See?.

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