Blockchain, Thirty Five Hundred Twenty Three Dollars, Seventy Seven Percent discussed on Investor's Edge


That change from selling ice or juices cigars into blockchain's bitcoin's and all that stuff in the stocks ran up and we really didn't want to mention all these other coins i dunno can you i i think i mentioned at once you know there's another one colton ripple now i'm not making this crap up ripple and it turns out some body was worth billions because of ripple of course you can't sell so not really worth billions ripple was down thirty five percent today bitcoin cash 24 percent a theory 'em 22 percent i guess bitcoin regular down twenty in something called light coin down nineteen percent on top of that may i add again riot block train is now eighteen bucks at forty six bucks three weeks ago and we told you we think it's going back to wear came from which was three again not knowing how long it takes how four coast so 46 down to eighteen what is that 28 on forty six was that they were little sixty percent or roth future of thin tack our it's gone from eight two three thousand eighty one cents we'll just call that fifty three percent or how 'bout that element has gone from thirty three and a half to nine and change thirty three two down twenty four bucks threetimes 709 let's hold about seventy seven percent and what was that other one are longfin oh that's gone from one hundred ten twenty 100 and forty two to forty and that's going back to where it came to prominence of course the other one which was crypto company hasn't traded last week six hundred forty two buck i think it may have open for an hour a couple of week ago with eta hunt one hundred seventy four it's not worth a penny so we just want to let you know we have no idea how far it goes how long it lasts just won't be the last one and and maybe it's over maybe it's done may be this you know by the way the gpt btc which we've been coat quoting has gone from thirty five hundred twenty three dollars three nef weeks ago seventeen thirty six that a down over fifty two percent so again we have no idea how long it lasts southport goes all we know is it's already been painful and i heard somebody say uh what about.

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