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Betta semi to where I want to go. You know, how Mary network like puppets right wing was who is holding the Mary Annette the would at the top. Isn't it? Anthony, Paul Nitz Rich, Paul Rich Paul and by the way, when it's Rich Paul. It's LeBron now Michael Hill's drawn is is pulling. The thing about your theory. Let's play it out. Let's say that Rich Paul says to New Orleans. AD will only sign an LA. That's it. Yeah. Multiple reports Dany wouldn't care. He would trade form anyway and the. Tatum. What I think he might do is then refused to potato in the deal. And if he refuses to put Tatum in the deal, I think the Lakers deal is as good as anybody and that you're drink, but I do want, Michael here's one thing. I do agree with you about I do not think after listening to fifteen people talk about this. I do not think that Anthony Davis will be traded in the next nine days, which is which is being stubborn by New Orleans. Right. I think that there's too that. There's too many things that new warlanes feels would play in their favor if they wait. Let's first what number one they get Boston in the in the mix, but they get forty Forty-six ideal. So Michael if I'm right, and they do not trade him the next nine days. Do you? Let him play. Yes. To just get out. Why? Because Davis wanna play for team. Yeah. He doesn't have to twenty rocket marketability anymore value. Why not pull a Levy on belt? I just don't think that would look good. So at this point if your employer will not so I've been in the spot. Yeah. Mason got the blue flu, right? I got the blue flu stop coming to work. I said my I mean, as my agent said, your your hair hurts your teeth, it you can't come into work. You know, what alternately I was able to pull the trick. And I was able to get what I wanted to in this particular scenario, I'll be Rich Paul be UB. Dell. Dell. Anthony wants traded. Well, that's nice. But we don't want to trade him. Okay. We are going to make things very difficult for you. I don't think you will because that's not Anthony's makeup. No. But it's my makeup. I'm not worried about you know, it's my makeup. I'm the one that's going to make life difficult. And I'm not afraid I'm not afraid to I'm agent, and I'm going to make life difficult for you. And I am going to struct Anthony not to play. I don't think we'll do that. I'm going to I am as agent. I am going to instruct him not to play except my premise, I'm going to start light. But that's not the Anthony Davis. I know he's too much of a competitor respect for his team. The Anthony Davis, you know, wasn't ever going to request to trade, and he's already done that. Why do you? Yeah. It's it is a situation where the pelicans control the pelicans control it and his left the room for some reason. Oh, because he couldn't ago she ate with Rich Paul. Yeah. He couldn't associate with Rich Paul what what Anthony Davis to needs to do is to be very definitive here. He needs to say, the only place I will play is the Lakers, right? We change it ended up stored. But it's it's it's just like like anything else the pelicans control it. And and does Anthony Davis not control it because I can't you do what I just said. Because the I if if I'm the pelicans, it's I control in for the rest of this year. And all I'm not playing the rest of the year. Okay. Players wouldn't do that. You can't do that. No, no. By the way, my finger may fingers are all messed up. I don't wanna risk screwing up my face. Here's what I would say to you. If I can jump in. You're not gonna play the rest here. Okay..

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