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With you uh but at the same time i knew i didn't really have a chance i had to understand who the other three finalists were in i definitely understood that but to be there i mean to be there for all my were taught marshall were talking about a school that hadn't been at that level it for very long two t even be in new york must have bids just bear an incredible experience while never did think about it i mean you you talking about a one aa school in move enough to division one so you know the the heisman trophy to be mentioned you know to small school like that you know was just light it was it was it was khanna unreal you know to really be thinking about hey maybe in a few months u b a new york you know as a heisman trophy finalist and you know i don't really think it really dawned on me to the you know the ceremony so you know throughout the whole season of putting up numbers uh a winning games and stuff like that i never did think about the heisman trophy as seen the signs up in the stadiums you know here in people espn hern media outlets in the new stations talking about it but to me on a personal level i never did have the heisman trophy you know set out for me uh because like i said i i knew what i was going up against what there are many people remembered for certain on that front row of the room that didn't win like you are and i'll talk about us sunglasses right asiseh give us the story about the sunglasses if our gurgle randy moss heisman i get about forty pictures a you widow sunglasses on while i think a lot of people uh the first initial response you know kind of rub me wrong because i think a lot of people seino's glasses as if i was you know high on marijuana are high on some type of drug and it was actually the total opposite you know i i've never been you know on a big stage like they had never been in front of people.

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