Mrs Farrakhan, Farrakhan Obama, Barack discussed on Sean Hannity


Renounced Farrakhan. I don't want his support I supported him anyway. And some of the followers were angry with me because he had this to me. It's not personal. What's the big picture? What's in the best interest of our people the bigger picture? I have a picture of Barack in myself together. You never saw because I would never put it out to give his enemies what they were looking for. Hurt. But he told me straight up. Farrakhan? Hi, the black vote in Chicago may me win Chicago. But it was the downs. That made me a US Senator. And I will never do anything. That would cause me to lose the downstate. And I said to him brother, your reality is not mine, and we need you when you so I will never ask you to do anything that will cause you to lose the downstate vote. And I never have. He was the bigger picture. Conspiring to lie about a relationship, obviously for eight years America, never saw those pictures. I raise the question publicly was a picture with MRs Farrakhan. And Michelle Obama that we we had out there. But Barack Obama hang hung out with the most radical people in the Chicago area hung out with you know, we started his career in the homes of the repentant terrorists Ayers endorphin of the weather underground, you know, went to the church of GD America for twenty years. And what's fascinating. Is you see this new radical Socialist Democratic Party emerged here? You know, Bill Clinton can sit with Farrakhan Obama never been asked. What about this picture? What about these statements? Did you have these conversations? We'll just keep our friendship private does. That's what Perkins describing their. Why was he hanging out with a radical anti Semite and a racist? Why was he doing that? You know, the Democrats, you know, close relationship we hear you got a new freshman congresswoman, Omar, that's she's an own anti Semite once called Israel an apartheid state, which was only the tip of the iceberg. We played some of this last night, you know, congresswoman Omar trashing Israel than she's trashing and in putting out allegations that atom whole cloth conspiracies, which he did this week against Lindsey Graham is somehow compromised.

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