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I was working a project with jason mraz and artist than mj summarized and the record was being worked and it was this amazing record and it was struggling you know it was just like it wasn't over that hump yet and so i said oh my gosh i had did did this amazing experience in what n chock hill winery in cinema at the time with my husband it was a beautiful beautiful presentation of a chef was there in a master smelly the time was and this is you know ten years ago so that back then like the present everything was just perfect and i sad we have to do an event in napa and let's do music food and wine because here we are doing this amazing sudi experience but it was his quiet room with white clubs service with no music and so dan i said oh my gosh this is we have to do this and so we called up jason mraz his record label executives and we called of his manager and said we wanted to an event with jason mraz we want to promote do this event in napa we wanted to be music food and wine we went to him to be the headlining artist and they said napa done and then it was july thirteen july 20th the is that an back and marches is like in march they said the only date he has his july 28th i said we'll take it and so then we did this crop concocted this crazy am event we called radio stations up we said let's do this promotion and it was called a girlfriend getaway because we didn't have a name for the company it was note there it was not live in the venue was a girlfriend getaway to napa and then all of a sudden we called not nathanson we are working a record by the name of met with matt nathanson and then this other grown interest in pretty men and then this artist name dave barnes.

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