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Can you be arrested for being mean to the police on the internet? I'm Barrington day Thurston from the onion. And also. You're listening to the civil liberties minute with ACLU attorney Bill Newman, recently, the Exeter, New Hampshire. Police arrested local man for riding a comment on a news website that accused the police chief of covering up for a corrupt officer that statement allegedly violated New Hampshire's criminal defamation law. It makes it a misdemeanor to intentionally and falsely disparage another person New Hampshire is criminal defamation law along with others like it in twenty four additional states in essence makes it a crime to say mean things about people now to be sure freedom of speech does not give anyone the absolute right to spread lies about a fellow citizen. Which is why civil remedies are available, but criminal defamation laws are another story. I you shouldn't go to jail for saying something mean about somebody and second the laws chill speech and third. They are disproportionately used against people who. Criticize the police or politicians. Fortunately, the criminal case in New Hampshire has been dismissed and the ACLU has sued in New Hampshire federal court to have that states criminal defamation law struck down as violating the first amendment. The civil liberties minute is made possible by the ACLU because freedom can't protect itself.

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