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I was wearing my shirt and my chain while it's still nineteen ninety seven. And I remember walking into the dorm cafeteria and eating there for the first time. Now I don't know if everyone else can relate to this, but like you know, you eat in your house and you kind of think that your family is normal. Well, I, I knew that we didn't eat normally because when people would come over, they would tell me that my family didn't eat more Maly because my dad was from Romania and you grew up in Israel. So like my dad would eat for breakfast, a piece of toast with sardines on it, and maybe some roasted red pepper and eggplant spread. And we bought Phil deficient at came in jars with like gelatin all around it. So I already knew, but this was confined to my house. Now I'm in the dorm cafeteria line and everyone's going to see the number weirdo because I'm going to try to find weird stuff to eat. And I was like trying to be normal and like white bread and. So I'm pushing my trade down the salad bar line, and I really wanted beats. But now you know, there's like beat salads that at that time, it was not like that. So I thought if I put beats on my salad, everyone's going to think I'm weird and so I didn't. I didn't conform until the next day when I was like, I don't care anymore. It was quick. It was like a one day turn around, but it was like this big moment of feeling very exposed. Suddenly out of my family's home lyrics born may have had the same experience. He was going to school at UC Davis in northern California in the early nineties, and he had roommates who were not Asian, like he is and had a big crock of kimchi in the bottom of his fridge, dry drawer or home. His mom used to make kimchi right shout to young soon, their shoes to make him she and like she will give us kimchi. And so I had this giant like glass barrel of kiss was in the nineties before you could buy kimchi trader Joe's. Actually, this is before trader Joe's. I think and. Probably big a foot and half high, you know, just kimchi, no way in the world. Anybody could eat this much catchy. But of course I did and it's in our like, you know, biscuit colored, you know, Maytag refrigerator in college that super loud refrigerators. You know, all night to keep that kimchi called. That's right. And it would take up the entire bottom show, put the gallon of milk. I had two gallons of kimchi right in this big tub, then she would be on your, can I say that a word your, but she'd be on your book constantly by giving her damn jar back, you know. You know what I. Your Tupperware. I hate giving out Tupperware. Yeah, but then you're like, okay, well, I get it because where else you're gonna find a three gallon jug us. Right? This weird, yellow top. You know what I mean? So it was in there. My my roommates were like to hell is this man is taken on his damn space and they thought it was funny. They call it bloody lettuce, you know? And I say, put, no guys, it's spicy. It's got pro Brad at qualities. You should really partake. Get that damn bloody led us. You know what I mean? Pre Kombucha time. Nobody knew what pre prebiotics were. Oh, what would you be? Help help get rid at a. Yeah, that's right. Yeah, totally. It will. Yes. What are you doing with that? They would ask me, you know, I'm eating hell. Yes. And this is why have great gut Health Day. It is crazy and amazing. I think these are Aerosmith songs that I'm talking and crying. That they sell it at trader Joe's. I was just there the other day and bought kimchi, and it is not spicy at all still good. And it has like an effort essence to it, but no spice. But like it's kind of nice when you're in a pinch and you can only go to one store like before I used to have to go south Seattle to go to the big Asian market. And it's like, now you go to trade..

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