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Was pretty healthy at the time. I said, all right, Stuart, tell you what. I'm gonna put you into, but if one time I ever catch you out of that chair, I'm gonna kill you. Obviously I was teasing about that, but that's what I said. I don't even know why I said that, but I said it. So he said, oh, you do whatever you want to do. Just give me the 10,000. He said it in a little stronger language than that. So I put him in the tournament, Mike saxton was babysitting him. He was in the room going to the room with him every night, putting him to bed, this and the other, and we had him clean as whistle. So now, sure enough, he starts breezing through the tournament, that particular year I got down to like the last 24 play, which was one of the first times I ever played, then hold him. I didn't even have a play the tournament because like I said, I bought it hold them. And anyway, when he got down to like 24 players, he said, you know, Billy said, this thing's over weird. It says, they ain't nobody got a chance. And of course, I got an octave right along the end. I knocked it Phil helmet out that particular year right before I went out and was feeling a real good sport about you knocking him out. Oh, it's funny you had asked it. I was with. I didn't want to say that. He got up out of his chair. He says, I can't believe this. People trying to give me their money. He says, I had a pair of tens next to the big blouse in the little blind Oprah with a pair of tens and he moved in on me. And he says, he says, what did you think I had like these two tens of piece of garbage or something? He had two 5s where you're here. But anyway, he made a kill that hand. I mean, they just showed you.

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