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Representative debbie wasserman schultz his in a lot of trouble laptop representative debbie wasserman schultz has frantically fought to keep from prosecutors from examining may have been planted for police to find by her since indicted staffer imram on he moran awan along with a letter but the us attorney there's no doubting it was planted with ladders i mean what more does it take one it's a letter so even the s the daily caller put doubt story that is crystal clear from their police sources that there's a laptop that was planted that was left there would these letters and by the time it gets out the press it's like doping deal because they're just trying to flee the country don't worry about it don't worry what was in there we've just got debbie wasserman schultz of there's nothing in their shitting there months ago two months ago threatening the police chief of the district of columbia that you're in big trouble if you don't give me that laptop right now even though the brothers were already part of a criminal investigation he was publicly obstructing on city television on the table channel that covers district of columbia affairs in front of the whole world potentially you ask why would be so arrogant because each all a con game with these people here's the club under my understanding the number is not under investigation they're clinton through the term in this case consul nestor carbonell that is the case with the permission of told when conduct as this that would be consequences and she threatened the more before that in the full clip in fact we probably back it up play five minutes of it i mean it is amazing and he is so scared we can't return the equipment police chief matthew are there a dose told the florida democrat pum so now as hurricane arm of barrels down on us trump needs to tweak dish trump needs to talk about this we need to get fox news.

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