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My wife is if I hadn't won any races on Saturday and people ask for his Bob. I was GONNA have already using quarantine with the virus. You won't see you still felt fine so a good day and the handle was strong. It was it looked really looked Yeah I mean you know where everything went well California. They're working hard to try to. You know it's tough. You're in California but at the same day it's so beautiful. It was a beautiful day in this thing about ten. Just is the most wonderful race track in In America just hoping that we just gotTa we just gotTa make it work. Everybody Doing doing what they can to make it work and Bob -gratulations and we'll We'll watch. We'll look forward to rebel week next week. And this coming weekend see where everybody goes in there and their next sets of assignments all right. Well thank you. Not at all Bob Baffert everybody and an update on all the players and it. It's a boy. Those that the bet charlatan. I I don't know why I said earlier this morning. If you'd how do you you bet a horse like that? And your and your future wager. At least they dowell has got you know. At least he's got a couple of a couple of races under his belt. That to go forward and you know that he's pointing and getting ready for you know for the next the next level with the rebel coming up on Saturday but authentic Shar. So it's authentic charlatan. Nee Dow eight the also mentioned eight rings who I I keep forgetting about. I kind of shutting him off to the side a little bit After he kind of fish tailed at the end of the year but Authentic Charlotte's in NATO now eight rings thousand words ballooned to thirty after the. That's interesting after the I yesterday I looked up. It was six thirty five and I thought. Oh my God I had completely forgotten to to look at the board you know leading up to the end of the The end of wagering on the Future Wager but one two three four. It looks like seven seven of them to deal with Zoro. Sty Velocity eight rings thousand words and the Dow Charlatan and authentic a total of of the seven boys. And it didn't sound like there's any rush on Gamine Coming right back either But that's that's we've gotten used to With him just saying he'll see how they work and and let them you know. Tell him where they're where they're going. We'll take well we'RE GONNA GET. We're GONNA get a short Yup case. I see case Writing back now and Okay all right. Well then let's take all right take a break and we'll see late last break in the morning it's been a wild morning and obviously The news will just becoming non stop the rest of the day and in days and weeks ahead let quick break. We'll come back. We'll see if we can close out with Doug O'Neill and talk about the win in Dubai and the prospects for what I think he's got at least three. That are.

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