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The naval reason for the predominance of white would be that a black ship presumably is how to to spot at sea and that's why pirates like it isn't it yeah some the ships at play i can pull mentor some of rural caravans a pile play some of them got like huge patten's on them but i thought they're probably several reasons why cruise ships a white stands out gets water must move visible it's easier to repaint bets because it's easier to match white than a specific bespoke color like disney's eighty seven percent black 13 percent blew the white reflects sonnen heat it takes less air conditioning cruise ships are sold between companies i presume if that white you don't have to do a full repaying two your branding on it and i guess it's easy to see the plimsoll line if the ship is plimsoll line shows whether the ship is overloaded or not but i think it also stemmed back to accompany the united fruit company gin 1898 eight the repainted the whole fleet of fruit bites white to deflect the heat of the tropics where they were getting their fruits from and they also did start running craze is because those were going to fund destinations so that we take passengers with them so it wasn't like the make cruise ships now but that was where the trend started with united fruit company in 1898 it became known as the great white fleet and then inevitably other people started to copy them both in the white house of the boats and taking passengers on grazes we went on our first cruise the other day literally fourday it was a twenty four hour crews uh but i think i could get a taste for early which will bryggeman were zero inter brought and that we did make a frenchwoman that cold carol and tell me only if this is normal or not at breakfast she took a friday and sprinkled it with sugar and then ate it.

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