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Not even not even waiting a second. Now Reggie Bush. Yep. Marking Room. Where do you want? Second overall? Yep. Mark Ingram. He was drafted 28. He was late. Yeah, he was late, and he was late. He's still doing it, though. Yeah, it started Peter out a little bit. But now I got you, Derrick Henry 2015 boy. We love there. We had him in when he won the Heisman. That's right. And that's when I was like houses. Dude playing. Playing the running back in the NFL. I love he looks like he looks like a tight tight in or D n. He went in the second round. But you know, he did. So by the way, that was the last one in back before we get back to listen. I wanna ask you about some others. Some names who were the opposite, who won the Heisman and didn't fare well at all in the NFL bank work even before that, I won't throw some names at you. But the I don't play video games. I'm sure I'll start elections and my mom got Colton and getting an old school Miss Pak made and I was I was hammering that last night crushed it. On. I'm sure the kids get a little older will start playing some sports games as much as I don't want to its inevitable how much fun must have B and I used to play all the time. But how much fun must be playing Derrick Henry on Madden just running him just running If they don't they got to get to the point where He can't be tackled because that's what he's like. Now. I know they have They not. Do you make him Bo Jackson. Like you know what I mean? Remember the camera below both Bo Jackson Techno that can you make him that? That's you know what's a once in a lifetime grating. You can't nobody could be both. What if would have dared? Henry turns out to be an all time great. Now he's probably love it told. T o You know, because he has a mean what year is this now? Five? Let's say he's only 26. I think. Yeah, well, he was drafted in 2015. So this is 50 year. Alright, first two. Not a lot of uses 27 or so 28. Yeah. If he had been rushing for 2000 yards, he's 27. Okay, just just turned 27, actually. But if he had rushed for 2000 yards first couple years you could be We could look at him like man that could this guy 13 14,000 years back? No, because he didn't get a lot of burn. I mean, getting like 130 20 carries his first couple of years. That first year he didn't get much it all it all you know, so good news for Titan fans. He's still a little fresh on the back end. Which is why that contract while we were both fine with that, plus without him, you're not a playoff team. I said Baker. I met Johnny Manziel, but Here's your bells here. The guys that didn't really do it. Johnny Manziel, Gino Torretta. Tebow. Gino obviously forgot. Jason White. Jason was got the sporting goods store. He came up on the show a couple weeks ago, like in the light Winky who we love, but he didn't have a great you know, she had a pretty decent length of NFL career to but Panthers battle would pass around a little bit. Danny War full. Any war for But he was on the show Last week. He up Charlie Ward didn't even play at guard from Florida State. No buts, but he would. Oh, hey, Whoa! The best quarterback in New York At the time I was playing basketball beat me to the line. That's where I was going. Next. Charlie War was again. Listen, He wasn't a great shooter. No, he was a good nick toe man. That Charlie Ward was a lock down defender and he was tough as nails. Gino Torretta, You mentioned touch temper. I don't remember ties NFL career. Um, nothing of great significance bounced around a little bit. Um, uh, started some get, you know, he's got some starts under his belt, I would say had maybe two or three seasons of this off the top of my head. I'd say it could be a little bit off. Where you're, like, let up it Not bad. Um, pride played a little longer than you might think. Who else we had. There were tied Demmer. It's like after that it gets it gets. Then you get back to 73 before you find a guy who didn't become a good pro. You have the year by your chronological from 80 to 90 Go 80 to 91 Give me like two seconds in between each one. George Rogers got you mention him yesterday. Marcus Allen. Great. Herschel Walker. Great Mike Rozier. Not great approach, not integrated problem. Think you played that long? Not a distinguished career in the pros. Yeah, he bounced around here. He's only in the pros for six years, and he bounced around four different teams. So yeah, Rose. You didn't have a great, you know, great college player Doug Flutie. Great in Canada. Yep, And just he's he was. He's a great dude, too. Yeah, I like Bo Jackson. What we know, but Bo's Benny tested Ver t. You know of any Vitti had better coaching early on because not just with my team's when he took the Jets of the Apes the championship game in 98. They went 12 and four almost beat the Broncos. Very I think they would have smashed the Falcons. I would have had a Super Bowl. Vinnie was great that year. He was also good with the Ravens and, like Vit, Vinnie was just drafted to a different situation. And that that bad decision making was coerced out of them Fear four years earlier video might be a hold of Famer he played for 18 play for Dallas. People. Forget is with Dallas Day that's for them back for a minute, but it was 45 would have 43. Whatever was, if any, was a strong dude in the weight room. Vinny had an arm that he was very with Vinnie could play I liked. I always like Vinny Testaverde. Okay, you have Tim Brown. We're all the famous Barry Sanders. Great, Andre where bust and then Dettmer. Okay, boss, that mean relative Speaking to Where was he drafted? I forget where he was drafted on jury where we're all right. I know Where is for where was sixth overall, right, 77, but I'll get my choice. Now. Seven part me. Detroit. I'm getting I'm getting mixed up with Klingler. Clinton, or I think was six to the Bangles. Where was seven to Detroit? Where was Deborah drafted? Tiled The cow dead are tied Demmer because he did have a brother, right? Yeah, they played for the Eagles for a little bit. Yeah, was he wasn't draft until the ninth round. Ninth round, ninth round. Don't have mine. Ninth round round. 19 was two years after he won the won the Heisman 230 of pick to the Green Bay Packers. Did he do it to your mission? Uh, maybe actually. Interesting. Yeah. Jason, the gentle Dr Zach Wilson is going to go..

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