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Lead. The blues one thing first period, Saint Louis can clinch the Stanley Cup in game six tonight. Rothfield Darwin's, the French Open, CBS news is that more than just the headlines this is w CVS NewsRadio, eight eighty hits not o'clock. CBS news on the hour real news. Real reporting, I'm Gary non tariffs as leverage still in the president's arsenal. If Mexico fails to live up to the terms of the immigration daily says some of his critics say the strategy arriving at the agreement was overblown. Many Republicans were skeptical, including Missouri Senator, ROY blunt who seems to be having second thoughts. Probably the biggest message here is now not to Mexico, but to China that the president is clearly willing to use tariffs. And actually, the president believes that tariffs are significant positive economic tool blunt on CBS face. The nation now says the new deal between the us and Mexico's a good one protesters by the tens of thousands, perhaps up to a million demonstrated today in Hong Kong voicing their opposition to government sponsored legislation that would allow people to be extradited to mainland China to face an uncertain future. BBC correspondent James Robbins. Lakes into the night. A series of clashes between Hong Kong, police and protest determined to resist what they see as further erosion of their already.

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