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I'm Dr Hillary McBride. Let me, take you. Microphones rarely go into my therapy office. It's where my clients hurt. He'll and ultimately thrive. You're going to hear private conversations that we rarely ever have with ourselves. Let alone share with others. Welcome to other people's problems. Maybe along the way you'll discover that other people's problems are a lot like your own. Season Three's out now. Subscribe on CBC listen. Or wherever you get your podcasts. This is a CBC podcast. and. We're living in a time of ubiquitous recording. Cameras are everywhere capturing the last moments of George Floyd's life under the knee of Minneapolis police officer. Recording fatal shootings of race. Our Brooks Atlanta police on Friday night. Documenting another angle of ATHABASCA Chippewa, first nation chief Alan Adam being repeatedly punched by an officer during an arrest for McMurry. Then live streaming the protests that followed and recording the police response for all to see. But with cameras everywhere come surveillance to. Disconcerting for those in the streets, protesting abuses by law enforcement today, talking to Washington Post Technology reporter Heather Kelly about the double edged sword of digital is everywhere. I'm Josh Block. This is from..

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