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Entertainment parts so that you could take the head off of one and put it on another one and you could they all fit in the same different vehicles and vehicles often would come apart and could go back together it's overstating it to say they were like what if you made action figures and vehicles that were like lego in the sense that the all of them could kind of be rebuilt in different ways it's probably overstating it but it was kind of like that and that was like when i was in first grade i will tell you that was the way that everybody wanted and it was pretty great wanted the microphones actually like do in was a comic or like a so issue became it became a comic after the after the the toys became such a wild success they made a comic of it and the funny thing is then the comic book lasted longer than the toys lasted the comic book lasted way longer and they've sense sense a kind of rebooted the new versions of the comic it's a migos intellectual properties now owned by hasbro i think and so they're talking about making a movie based on it which will be terrible because it'll be in the transformers universe presumably and they've got they've rebooted different versions of the comics but the original comic was my favorite comic book growing up and i did a whole episode about microdots on antony johnston's unjustly maligned podcast so maybe we can put a linked to that in the show notes but yeah that was my favorite my favorite my favorite comic book my favorite toys as kid wow that was actually really interesting i've heard you mentioned the micro bunch and i always you never knew what they looked like i was it was just a comic book i don't know if i have a recall you mentioning that they will toys like on the comparable like i have always hold you mentioned them and then because they are only used to mention on the incomparable i assume the tv show or coma quoque not toy line that turned into it because that's quite rare right that goes from toy tacoma it's usually the other way around right no this this was a that was the aira of virtue dicing tieins and all of that and so that's what they that's what they were trying to do there is we have a popular toiling and also i mean we have a popular space themed toy line star wars huge marvel comics looking for star wars like properties to turn into comics to tap into the market of kids who have star wars and interns out kids who love these space themed sifi fem d toys perfect and they got some they got some very good writers artists to work on that and strangely it actually outlived the the popularity of the toys because it was a good comic do they go great great question from mock if you would like to send in snow told question for the future just sent a tweet with the hash tag snell talk and it goes into a sheet for us to pull from future date thank you for that some follow up on span cooling abs so in osco upgrade last week we were talking about some apps to try and block those local span kohl's like local number spam calls and it just wanted to round up a few from from of gradient listeners who have gone out than they've done the work for us like jason ben recommended no robo so there's a i think you said you'd stopped using jason was out right yeah yeah i have used it occasionally i think one of the problems with it is that it struggles with the local exchange problem of like it looks like it's a local number it's not necessarily on a blacklist so i haven't tried it in a little while i have it on my actually have it on my landline that's that's through the cable company that the phone that i've had for twenty years they bundle no morobo with that so it's it's doing some it's actually pretty great because that's the phone number that has been collected and is on every phone spam list but i haven't tried it on my phone and then a couple more alan brad buff us something haya hate i wa way of coastal links today's will be in the show notes ed hughes's an app called wide protect and another brad likes exchange block as.

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