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Because it's warm and it tickles. The key the key is to pressurise right. If you had to go all the ones is going to be audio that follows right so you have to pressurise slowly and steadily. You have a method of keeping quiet. That's no no he become worse. What's worse if you're on the party bus when there's lob music if you do a quick vibration that follows on the seat for all to feel what if somebody paused the music when you gotta let it rip times couple of couple of girls were in the midst of being the most obnoxious part of your most of knock girls just wanna have hit part of it good. You just looked around but yeah he's talking about the gashes decompression theory most most dudes know about. How do you not know about this. And about the a fucking bone shattering rip out at a fine dining establishment. And you you ready for this watch. It's a casual loosening of this finger. That's all it is okay so you're tightened up because you know it's coming and you are using varying ratio driven metrics to loosen your butthole as the farc pushes downward because of gravity and now. Here's the off now. You're asking questions that put if you ak- slight miscalculation on gaseous decompression it actually compounds the so so north. Okay so you have to join this decompression which is the right way. You have full on fallout fallout boy. We call it which is just a disaster. But if you fuck up at fifty percent of decompression it's almost like a compound exponential effect and so. It's almost like three at once because you didn't follow through with the original being a boy. I mean girls. Girls go through that too. Obviously but i presume that it's a little bit more prominent for males being a boy. There's a lot of that balance of the body balance of the inner workings of the body that we have to master. Get down to a t. Something tells me that. I was about shaking my head and agree with you but something tells me that we're absolutely wrong on that because of the whole having a giant said boobs that are fucking falling all over the place in a talking head over talking about. I'm talking about. I'm talking about farts males reaching the point of no return on which shit your pants after farting will. It's also daniel george charts. Have you shot. I was i was out. I one of the most famous charts human history that has been televised and talked about hundreds of thousands of times. The pants at your sister's what in owning the most rented menswear. I'm turning that sue bag in disaster. He november live. But we gotta chicken sandwich from the delhi down. Seven eleven camano sandwich from the gas station the night before us out by myself meeting tender in the bed that you make i was talking about. I was talking about jackie latian. That's how i was talking about. What what well. How do we get. He appointed to overturn. Do this to overturn this points. Been coming for a while of no return. What do you mean. we can't go back. Go no. It's just tough dude tom. What about jerking off. I like we girls are able to come fifty six times in a good good good selfish. It's good for them. You're jealous when i used to sit and watch my ex girlfriend masturbate with her magic wand. What sorry have across some sort of line. I feel like this is a decent topic. What would you say this happens. What's going on right is happen explaining what your concern. Is you watch her. Master's my ex girlfriend is obsessed with mass talk about her like like this open real late enough at into this episode. I'm talking to the fucking shit. What the fuck dude relationships on in shitty plays all right. Whatever i guess. I could say whatever the fuck along her almost like a girl loves to fuck masturbate right attaching tachi magic wand which allows goes out there. Us i'll just be playing call warzone. This girl will run through a cycle of. I'll be like yo. How many times did you just come. And she'll say sometimes she'll say eighteen six. this is where it's no longer relatable. I feel there's somebody out there who what it is that and like honestly like but but just ca casually like she like normal relationship. Maybe you're playing a video game. Maybe girls butch just go to town okay. Maybe i'm the ivanenko is no. You're not you're the normal. Go babe what are you gonna watch something you turn on like maybe some of your old content or like what are you. What are you gonna watch. And she says. I'm thinking about you and your stupid curly hair and that made you come. Nineteen times you'll as can i ask you. Are you ever distracted while playing games and just in the background. She's not super vocal like that. She goes so happens. Is this 'cause. I've also not been playing games when she does. Sometimes we'll watch a movie and she'll roll into it for twenty minutes. Okay i i have been very simple right after this. Explain it to first of all. Be watching the movie. Then i'll hear the sound of the magic wand to tell you just start right and he'll be under the blanket be under the blanket and then the bottom of the blanket that i'm under as well we'll start to lift up because her feet are becoming. Rigor mortis and they're stiffening. All the girls are know exactly what their legs will become. Rigor mortis lifting uncontrollably off the couch. Dan headphones go lifting off the couch. Her chestnut fill up with air please. Giggles starts levitating celebrity. Be will simply hear this. And and almost as if she is. Lifted from a seance or some sort of dream state she. She looks at me like this. She goes you go. Was that a good one or tobacco as you would expect it literally goes she goes. She goes answer right back into it again. So you and then and then. I'll just start shaking. Likes lift off the ground. And i'm and i'm like i i'll watch. What are you watching minions. And i we know controversial man whatever and then i think tomorrow i'm like i'm thinking to myself and she's so vastly enjoying it. And there's all this tingling going on i think to myself like the last time i jerked off was forty six seconds of some of the most guilty dreadful time in my life and i came into a an old sock and then went downstairs and prayed for forgiveness. Why are men's. Why is men's masturbation so much less stimulating cool and exciting than women's. I think it's because they have a tool. I think it's because they have an electronic also. I'm gonna make a bold statement. Men's masturbation technology has not kept up with women's as a broad statement right now. Your tool goto tool for masturbation is a dry fucking hand. It's your hand. Imagine if you're go to tool goto tool for searching..

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