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I think it's i shouldn't laugh. But i only games in the nba. Seventy two. so there's only sixteen you know i mean this. This kind of stuff is not supposed to happen in the national football league. We're there. I don't have to remind you we see all the time then. There's not millions but year on the nfl and it's now big business to the nfl is part of now you bring up all these are limited. These are valid points and the nfl knows that it has a problem and when they go to seventeen games. you're going to have more meaningless games. Josh like that yes absolutely over reason then to send a message that this kind of stuff can't happen at the end of the year because we are going to add another game you have to do at least due diligence and find out what happened here because you're trying to protect a lot of people and a lot of money. I'll leave you with this. If you're a team looking for a quarterback would you trade for carson wentz absolutely no matter what the prices well. Obviously the price has to be right and the circumstances have to be right. But if i'm frank right. I know philip rivers is retiring and he's going to go into broadcast booth wherever i'm training carson wentz he's your best option carson wentz is a hard working hard nosed. Tough football player. Does you have flawed bosch. He's not joe myrna. He's not johnny united as he has some floors that can be fixed and coached up. He's just turned twenty eight. He's got probably ten protects himself and he's protected problem properly. Send a twelve years to play in the current. Nfl he has a strong arm. And you know he needs to be coached up and we all need at some point in our lives. A change of venue we all need. A fresh start. Doesn't matter what it is. All of us can spend twenty five years. Espn like hey happy new to you. And i love you guys. Thank you for reaching out for you. You somewhat of that. This is not done. we're not over. There needs to be foul up somewhere along the line. The peterson and how rosement are going to speak on june in about eleven minutes from the novacare facility. I'm interested to see what kind of questions that kind of answers they have. But this is this is something that's people who support the to as what i'm trying to say to you. I appreciate you joining us in an thank you this. I think we're going to take a vote. Is this the best segment we've had so far. What are you twenty one. Twenty one down notes. That knows no doubt. No doubt okay would congratulate yes top. Three for sure ops. Three wins so far this year. In in a millisecond home segment to top three. I mean i think the worst single and it was three. I better get off the phone. Yes fine yes because we've been on the air for eighty minutes in two thousand twenty one. Don't screw it up. Don't don't pull the doug peterson. here are night. Thank you so sal paolantonio on loan for the mothership. I got serious. And then i wasn't sure how seriously was and all of a sudden i go okay. I don't mean to laugh but you know he's throwing out of samhan key the process tanking in philadelphia. You know the things that really bother sal tonio. It's not like you know. Climate change or the politics it's the insertion in the lineup was upset i like it was and i totally missed. Read the philadelphia fans. Because i'm thinking all right so who cares like the giants didn't go to the playoffs and you got a better draft pick. Yeah mclovin abdu vs have south statement. I'm not listening to you. Ip but i have a lot of friends that none of them were mad. They were laughing. So much at the giants. Well that's when sal set it. I'm thinking wow. He sounds serious because i'm thinking if i'm an eagles fan what are they saying about us all right. Your coach was disingenuous. He wasn't trying to win. He really wasn't you. Don't go for the field. Goal playcalling shoddy. You don't play your best quarterback and jalen hurts you improve your draft pick so okay big deal for one day america. Football fans are saying that the eagles are. What quitters tankers losers. Whatever it is all right. And then tuesday you wake up you move on. Mclovin doesn't seem like peterson came into the game with a plan. I'm going to play in the fourth quarter visits week. Seventeen in game means nothing so he had that plan before the game they hinted at in the broadcast but it was. It was a close game so he was gonna break the plan but national fence. Don't know we don't know this. Actually they said a couple times. Why is chris. Collins worth and al michaels go. I i don't. I don't i couldn't do this during the game even michaels in the moment in the moment they said. I don't know how you can do this. But how can you invest that when the steelers whatever week seventeen steelers are going to the playoffs. They don't need to play ben rothlisberger. Winning against cleveland doesn't help them at all. Where do you get watching to help the eagles at all in fact. It absolutely hurts them. Play ben because you have to have been the next week when you play cleveland. That's that's a different type of resting mclovin week. Seventeen teams tanking resting all over the place. It doesn't there's no competitive spirit guys. Were sitting week seventeen all across the lake but now is when you want to see what you have with nate sud film. When you're down three in the fourth quarter know who cares what. The game meant nothing. Zero zero are well then. That's that's two different opinions of how eagles fans are reacting by the way these guys that are being let down. They let down the team all year. They didn't play with that. I've games huge eleven. Hey dude that's a completely different topic. That's why i don't want to hear from giants players like come on the integrity of the game. Yeah how about the integrity when you guys started out one in six like where is your integrity of playing the game silly stuff. Don't have your future in somebody else's hands. That's what happens late late last year. The bears cardinals. Yeah you don't wanna have your playoff hopes resting in somebody else's hands all right. We're running late. I got david pollack. Here talk a little. I want to get his thoughts on urban meyer. If he thinks urban would go to jacksonville he'd be a good fit. I twenty four after the hour. Break here on the dan. Patrick show fox. Sports radio has the best sports. Talk lineup in the nation. Catch all of our shows at fox. Sports radio dot com and within the iheartradio app search f. s..

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