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Was it Saturday? He sent that out Saturday night Sunday morning. I don't know what it was the alert and I get this alert. And I went oh, God, it's from the boss. What did we do wrong? It's always may. I thought when they see one from Paul and it says sorry guys. It's the article about how the Rolling Stones have postponed their upcoming tour which kicks off in Miami. And a couple of weeks. So it's really bad. So we're definitely out on that one. Because I I buy few dates are the ones you move. Right. And now, the problem will be when they reschedule if and when they reschedule whatever tickets you have or will be good for the rescheduled show. You know, they're going to schedule it like in the middle of Christmas time, and we're gonna be somewhere else doing something else or the radio station, and we won't be able to go. It's the only it's the only show we've ever gotten tickets. That's why we're winding we know. A lot of people listening right now are stadium show. Yeah. So a lot of people listening to us. We're going to the thing. So what they're saying is they have not rescheduled the dates yet. Just hold onto the tickets. Keep in touch. We'll let you know. We'll let you know because we want to find out to apparently mic under doctor's orders can't tour a fairly. It's a physical injury of sorts. And he said it was getting ready to go on tour. Some maybe fell off the stage or something I could be I leg. I dunno me. A bitch slap attendant a knee. And he'll it's going to be something that prohibits him from hopping all around the stage is what I'm thinking. So you may be right. Purely just be older age seventy-five, let us old guys. Although they're all in great shape, much better than they were before. Yeah. Well, they haven't done drugs. So that helps too, you know, so I was just bummed because the minute I saw that. I said, you know, dammit. Show. Well, allegedly we didn't have them in hand. Well, yeah. In there. Only two of them. I did hear that on Friday. We were just talking to just what do you mean need for four tickets for you know, so we can both go. Well, you're going to go with each other. No. We spend too much time together as it is. Yeah. Doesn't want to sit with me. You go to a different cities show. I in you know, it's funny because I was talking to my brothers. He's seen the stone six times. Wow. That's pretty good. I've seen him twice. I've never seen him. You. Gotta see the stones. Yeah. Well, yeah. Well, I was planning on canceled on me. Well, wait for Christmas. You know, it's going to happen. But they're still saying they are the promoters are holding onto this. They're saying postponed. Not cancelled stones. Right. So I'm hopeful I'm hopeful if you're anywhere near on a golf course today or you near a pond, and I know you have one in your lake behind your house. Mating season starts today for alligators this when they get a little more aggressive. Yeah. Well, they're looking for it. So watch out in a way, man. A calendar flips over today and all of a sudden it's like oh. I gotta find a lady how is this different from yesterday? I don't know. I I don't know. That is a valid point. You make though because over the weekend it was once again. And I don't know what I don't know. What's happening? I think they were overprotected or something because we see so many pictures now of I mean, monstrous Gators on golf courses crossing roadways. Did you see the Canadian couple over the weekend? It was I don't know where it wasn't Florida somewhere. The lady keeps Gators crossing the road. Slow can be looked like it was like seven hundred pounds. She keeps getting she's is close to the thing is I am to you right now taking the picture, wait a minute. People don't realize how fast alligators are edgy keeps on getting closer. And closer. If the gator had eaten the lady, I wouldn't blame the gator at all be honest with ya. Well, anyway, they're on they're on the lookout for love. And we don't get in the way of the alligator love 'cause they'll try. That's that's what we learned today in the way of alligator muskrat love. A bumper sticker. Don't get in the way of alligator love. Words of wisdom from Ross. Thank god. I don't have any of my little pond in my backyard. I, you know, now, you know, what I got had polls like millions of them wait till the frog. Well, that's bags. You get all the dogs will eat them, frog frogs and toads. But no, the trout will lead them. All right. Yeah. What happens before they? So the million will get cut down, and like, you know, a tenth feet of lettuce. Those Fisher mean don't get the new way of trout love. I throw in like a piece of bread like like five or six pieces of bread. It's it's it's like a feeding frenzy. It's gone in like seconds. Do they have teeth? I don't know anything about fish. They get teeth. Right. A little ones. Okay. At least you talk about like piranha. No big party needs to Borana. No big teeth. Yeah. Oh, great. Sure. Hide the jewelry in there. Say forever. So when poor old the karma decides to go down to get a drink of water. She gets chewed up karma once the earn Purdon. She's she hasn't had her baby. By the way. It's we're on baby. Watch though, it's due day until you sell that one off to stop the glue factory, by the way, you did not bring up we were talking about April Fools things. Oh, that's right. You did not bring up. The Alon musk situations is of course, April Fools day. Keep your head and swivel be very aware. Do not get fooled by these people think they're funny, but they're actually very nut creative. Well, see. I don't see. I don't think this. This may be a joke. I don't think it's an April Fools joke though. It's a joke with a purpose, right? Elon musk. We all know who he is. He just released a song called rest in peace Harambee, a tribute to the gorilla that was killed after you know, grabbed the kidney enclosure, all right. Okay. So did you have his sorry? I got it. Can't really unders it's very auto tuned. Can't really understand too much of it. But this apparently, this is he lawn. Mosque in new rap song. Do..

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