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Mm w n y c independent journalism in the public interest 939 fm and am 820 npr news and the new york conversation oh even the work award festival poets like john pete's emily dickinson walt whitman t s eliot lanks in his it seemed confusing intimidating and daunting at first reading in his new book why poetry matthews uproot or explains why people are so afraid of poetry how to read it and why it's him portent he is the former poetry editor for the new york times magazine and a professor in the mfa programme at st mary's college in california and and awardwinning poet himself his books published by echo press i'm very pleased that has brought matthews uprooted to our show today welcome thanks so much for having me it's an honor when people learn that you're poet you say had they frequently confessed you that they don't get poetry how do you respond to them while at first i used to get a little you know iritated are founded offputting but then i realized that there was a lot of um there was a lot of real stuff behind that question or those questions and so that's why i wrote the book to try to address those questions directly do you think the part of the problem is away poetry's taught in schools i do but i think that's understandable given the time restraints and the lack of preparation the teachers have and just the pressures they have from test standardized test so i try to talk a little bit about that in the book so what can be done to make poetry more accessible to the average reader i bake luxury winery poetry i think poetry is a good shape right now i think the the problem is is that there's a kind of intermediate mist of occasion between readers and poetry and so one thing poets can do is try to talk a little bit more about what they do in why well some of the more popular poets are criticised for being too accessible by other poets he can't win manipur you elected three epic graf soap in your book walt whitman road stop this day and night with me and you shall possess the origins of all paul adams ima mood darwish extreme clarity is a mystery and virginia woolff this one i'm not sure i understand at all the poet is always our contemporary yacht so that the.

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