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Cam Newton Cam. Newton's in a unique position because I think cam. Newton is certainly a starter in this league. I think teams view him as a star in this league and I think there's no rush so I think what you're going to see is teams that have question marks at the quarterback position, or maybe trying to play a rookie or a young player that will go through camp and I think you're GonNa wait for an either an injury to happen. Mike and Cam Newton will be signed as a starter or waiting for the failure of a young quarterback. Cam Newton. We'll be signed as a starter so I. Don't think Cam Newton I. think is just biding his time until he gets the right situation to come into an actually, you know and actually play. So he gets the opportunity to be a starter so and I think that's I think that's probably the right way for Cam Newton to play because you know somebody's getting hurt or somebody's not going to perform well, and then he'll roll win as the kind of quote unquote. Knight, in Shining Armor and takeover. Okay, so some more questions Let's see Here's one from Thomas. Can the broncos really tell what they have? And how much luck has grown if the line? Go South. Well. I think I think they'll be able to see how. The maturation how he has simulates another offense how good he is throwing the ball on time, and all those things I think they'll be opportunities to see what they have They'll know if they can't perform or they're not scoring a lot and they're giving up. You know three or four pressures in three or four sacks a game. They'll know that that's you know contributing to a lack of production so to. To speak so yeah, I think they'll be able to learn a lot if that offense of line doesn't perform, so there's a lot to look at right now because you're coming into the situation with a bus, young players on the outside that you're counting on being good, you're you're? There's a lot of different things that are happening right now. So that's what you're looking at all right? Here's one from Oni. With what is happening around the world with this pandemic, which team is most affected with the social distancing in having to do everything over Webcam. Well I think they're all I think. They're all affected pretty equally. I just I. Don't know which team is the most affected. Mike, but I just know this. If you have continuity and coaching, and you have continuity and players and you, you're coming back with a system that guys have contributed like. The chiefs are the Chiesa bringing back essentially their whole offense like they have a decided advantage. It's the teams that have new coaches and a new quarterback in a you know a bunch of new players that they're counting on. Those are the teams. which teams out all add onto onis question, which which is set back the most kind of prioritize it? It's the one with the new head coach, the one with a new coordinator, especially offense, coordinator, or the one with A. Young untested quarterback. I think it's I think young untested quarterback is going to be like is going to be hard because you need this opportunity to be together. So I think that's really hard. You can't get that over zoom meetings for crying out loud. Let's give it to a oni there. Okay, we'll go with ONI Thank you.

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