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Their full potential, and we'll also include free transfer of documents, pictures and personal files for free with your computer purchase. When you buy it, refresh. That's a great deal there, Andre. And if you have any tech questions like we've said, give us a call at 8445809326 at 844580, Wdbo and Andre. Just a quick question. Another thing with like computers and Software and hardware. I know a lot of questions we get on this show are about hard drives. I know hard drives are very important, especially for people that are working or college age students that Just need that little bit of extra space. Um, what are what are some recommendations for you with hard drives? Very good question. Well as I was talking about earlier the lower and computers they see the big box store they might only have Very small mouth storage capacity. And when you have many baseball computers, like the HP stream, upgrading hard drives in certain base mile computers End up being near impossible, especially since a lot of newer designs they actually have the storage chips saw it on the board like say with the MacBook pro, for example. However, with traditional business model computers, like what we have hard drives are fairly easy at upgrade many times with many very popular miles that makes miles computers because we service all major brands. So upgrading the hard drive after the fact is something that we can often do provide. The computer is capable of supporting that upgrade, essentially, So what we can potentially do is take out the existing hard drive. And then either clone the contents or reload windows fresh onto the new drive and transfer the contents over and, uh it's not just about capacity, though. Hard drives also are a major factor in determining the performance of the computer. And, of course, mechanical. Hard drives used to be the norm, the main standard and for Yang, larger capacities of space for a cheaper price point, like alcohol dress still very popular option. But more and more people these days, Joe have been turning into solid state drives, which are the newer, more technologically advanced storage medium, whereas mechanical drive as a physical read, write head with a spinning platter at the solid state drive. Is all flash memory based so as a result of salt state drive equipped computer will have a lot faster, Read, write performance. Um, it will boot up faster Love programs faster. You can take two computers, one with mechanical driving one with the solids. They drive. The one with the solid state drive will definitely outperform and we can potentially upgrade not only your own computer But any of the computers in our inventory with a solid state drive and of course, the cost to do so are fairly minimal in comparison. Yeah, I might have to. I might have to slide. Come by and get one of those hard drives. I need one for myself. Uh, Andre, before we go to a quick commercial break, Give the people the Longwood Superstore information one more time. Absolutely, Joe. So, of course, the refresh computer superstore is open seven days a week for your convenience. So with everything technology related, we're open Monday through Saturday. 9 to 7 and Sunday from 11 to 5. Stores. Phone number is 47478 a 200. Our physical address is 8 to 0 East State Road 4 34 in Longwood, and our virtual address online is refresh computers dot net. And of course, we're still ready to take your calls right here on the air again the number to call in his 844580 Wdbo 8445809326, or, as Joe said earlier. You can also take advantage of the open mic feature on the Wdbo APP available for download from Either the Google play store or Apple's.

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